Moonbat Government Policies Are the Real Danger, Not the Virus

“If we ever get out of all this alive, one day the historians will marvel at the utter insanity that swept the world – certainly the Western world.”

Each new day brings new madness when it comes to the Rona and our bumbling and stumbling government responses to it. If we ever get out of all this alive, one day the historians will marvel at the utter insanity that swept the world – certainly the Western world.

When you have governments causing far more harm than any virus ever could, then you know we are in a really bad way. And when they daily offer conflicting responses and contradictory policies, you know these guys have been way out of their depth. As I said from day one, this is NOT about health and science – this is about power and control.

So let me offer just a few scenarios of the latest moonbattery. And I begin with the utter lunacy concerning the world number one tennis player. I just posted this on social media about the Novak Djokovic debacle:

  • Good on him for standing against health fascism
  • Australia‘s response has been an utter joke
  • First he is granted an exemption while millions of ordinary Aussies do not get an exemption – money talks
  • Then we back-flip and his visa is rejected – follow the science
  • Australia is the laughingstock of the world
  • Covid is now the biggest sham and scam around
  • Medicine has become politicised
  • Politics has become tyrannised
  • Our leadership has become lobotomised

Plenty of others are scratching their heads over this, wondering how much worse things can get. I just saw Alan Jones comment on this. He said in part:

Is this an appropriate image for Australia? That the world’s leading tennis player, with no convictions of any kind other than the fact that some may disagree with his views, is now being treated like a criminal; firstly, reportedly, hauled up in a room at midnight with armed guards and then, reportedly, being told to leave the country tonight. And now, politically, it is being weaponised. 

The federal government are trying to say the Victorian Labor government were prepared to let Djokovic in when, in fact, visa matters are a matter for the federal government. It gives every impression, as with so many issues, that governments are prepared to abandon facts and cave in to pressure from the left-wing Twitter mob.

Admittedly, people are angry that apparently unvaccinated people, be they tennis players or anyone else, are allowed into the country when other Australians have made massive sacrifices. But Djokovic did not make the rules. He just applied for an exemption. The exemption was objectively assessed by “medical experts”. Djokovic was granted an exemption.

Now it appears that the visa rules which have applied to others who were granted exemptions, do not apply to Djokovic. It is easy to see Djokovic as the villain; but the image of an Australia treating a bloke like a common criminal owes more to the behaviour of a police state than it does to a liberal democracy. You either have rule by law or rule by the mob. Which is it?

Australia is not alone in this madness. A recent headline reported that Boris Johnson in the UK has now decreed that if you want to travel anywhere overseas, you must be triple jabbed! That led me to post this on social media a few days ago.

And now Boris says you cannot fly overseas without 3 jabs. Soon it will be no domestic travel without 4 jabs, no visiting shops without 5 jabs, no going to school without 6 jabs, no going to grocery stores without 7 jabs, no leaving your neighbourhood without 8 jabs, no leaving your home without 9 jabs, and no living with other people without 10 jabs. Oh, and mandatory euthanasia will then be next for those who do not get monthly jabs forever. This is never ending folks. Are you awake yet?

Consider a few more bizarre scenarios, proving that Covid really is a matter of life and death – in more ways than one. One headline from last month really takes the cake: “COVID-19 vaccine now mandatory to get euthanized in Germany.”

Hmm, so let me see if I got this right: You must get the jab so you will not die from the Rona before you can get the jab to die from euthanasia. Yep, sure, makes perfect sense. But things may be even worse in Jacinda’s New Zealand. Check out this headline: “New Zealand okays euthanasia for COVID patients.” One article discussing this said in part:

In the UK, Baroness Finlay of Llandaff, a professor of palliative medicine, said the New Zealand euthanasia law contradicted the fundamental purpose of medicine and health services to heal the sick. She said: “It is bizarre that a country which has been trying to protect its citizens by closing down completely from a virus from which people can fully recover … is now suggesting that these patients should be killed by their doctors. It turns the ethos of medicine on its head.”

Hmm, so in the name of keeping us safe, NZ will both demand that everyone gets a never-ending stream of jabs, but they will happily bump you off at the same time! The mind boggles. And this recent headline from New Zealand offers us more madness: “Air New Zealand eliminates food and drinks on board so passengers will keep masks on.” Good grief!

And then we have this from France where Macron has effectively told some five million Frenchmen to drop dead – or at least get lost:

French President Emmanuel Macron told one of the nation’s leading newspapers that he no longer considers the unvaccinated to be French citizens, and that his primary COVID-19 strategy is to continue to “piss them off” until they submit to his COVID-19 mandates. The remark from Macron, delivered during an interview with French newspaper Le Parisien, has divided French politicians, and even has the country’s Communist Party candidate questioning Macron’s motives.

Speaking of even getting lefties off-side, consider this piece about former Fox News host Megyn Kelly, who may have once been a bit too leftist (or anti-Trump), but in her new gig, she seems to be getting a bit more conservative. Here we read about how she says leftists are catching on to how bad government policies have been:

Sirius XM talk show host Megyn Kelly took leftists to task in a searing monologue Monday, pointing out that left-wing media personalities and Democrat politicians are finally acknowledging crucial realities of the COVID-19 pandemic which conservatives have long known but have been censored and mocked for saying. 

“It has been fascinating to watch as many hysterical people come to grips with the realities of COVID,” Kelly quipped in her ten-minute teardown of the mainstream narrative’s sudden about-face. Among these “realities of COVID” long recognized by conservatives and now admitted by leftists are that “you can catch and spread [the coronavirus] even if you’re vaccinated,” while “[t]he vaccines help prevent severe and deadly outcomes and that is all,” the virus “hits red states no harder than it hits blue states,” and “[m]ost masks do zero to prevent COVID.”

“Yes, all of these are becoming clear now, even to the leftists,” Kelly said. “Lockdowns are an unnecessary disaster. School closures? Same. Hospitalizations of children are being grossly overstated: they are including children hospitalized with COVID instead of just children hospitalized because of COVID. And finally, relying on the number of COVID ‘cases’ as proof of COVID severity is pointless. The relevant metrics are hospitalizations and deaths. COVID is here to stay. We need to live with it, not live cautiously biding our time until it’s gone.”

Whether some on the left really are waking up to the Covid craziness that governments have been pushing for two years is a moot point, but we all better wake up real fast. This insanity really cannot go on for much longer. The truth is, right now what we are all at much greater risk from is not the virus but idiotic and irrational government policies.

This has got to stop. Now.

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