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The ABC suggests Saudi Arabia is friendlier to women than the Coalition, suddenly realises their mistake.

The ABC’s official political twitter account has suggested that Saudi Arabia is more female friendly than the Coalition.

The tweet, posted by the public broadcaster yesterday said, “A visiting Saudi Arabian delegation has a higher proportion of women than the Coalition.” Attached to the tweet was an image of six Saudi men and two hijab clad women.

Simon Breheny, Director of policy at the Institute of Public Affairs called the tweet “sickening.” “This commentary from the ABC is a good illustration of the form-over-substance approach of those who practice radical identity politics,” Breheny said.

“Behold the equality enjoyed by Saudi Arabian women so amply revealed in this photo. Just don’t ask any questions about guardianship.”

In Saudi Arabia adult women must obtain permission from a male guardian–such as a husband, father, brother or even son–to travel abroad, obtain a passport, marry, or be discharged from prison.

According to Human Rights Watch, they also may be required to provide guardian consent to work or access healthcare.

Saudi Arabia also enforces a strict public dress code, requiring women to wear a loose black garment called an abaya and a headscarf.

It wasn’t long before the ABC seemingly came to their senses and decided to pull the tweet, but not before screenshots were taken.

Senator Kristina Keneally, however, apparently missed the memo and retweeted photojournalist Mick Tsikas who said, “A delegation from Saudi Arabia during Question Time has 25% female representation, the coalition today has 13 women out of 69 members, so 18% female representation.

“Kind of speaks for itself, really,” Senator Keneally said. Indeed, it does.

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