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Christians vs Antifa: ‘This is why I love Christians,’ says Avi Yemini

Thousands of pro-life Australians turned out in Melbourne this month to protest Victoria’s extreme abortion laws and show support for mothers and their babies.

This year’s ‘March For The Babies’ marks the 10th anniversary of the protest, which has been held annually since the decriminalization of abortion in Victoria.

Avi Yemini of TR News, who has said he does not hold a strong opinion on the issue of abortion, also attended the event. During the march, Yemini interviewed folks on both sides of the debate, and the contrast between the two groups couldn’t be starker.

Following the protest, Yemini described the Christians he encountered as “welcoming and loving, even towards their Antifa counter-protesters.”

Antifa, on the other hand, “in their standard fashion, were violent, obnoxious and shameful — even in front of young children.”

As you watch the video below, keep in mind that both sides of the debate claim to be advocating for human rights. Honest viewers will have absolutely no difficulty figuring out which side is nothing more than blatant hypocrisy on parade.


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