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Oprah Winfrey admits neglecting church has had a terrible impact on the nation

Television personality Oprah Winfrey is not someone anyone should look to for spiritual guidance, however, when recently asked why she thinks mass murders are occurring in the US, her response was quite unexpected.

During an interview with Extra host Renee Bargh, Winfrey admitted that people no longer have the moral foundation they used to find at church.

“I think what people are missing is a core moral center,” Winfrey explained. “Churches used to do that. It was the central place you could come to and there was a core center of values about a way of living and of being in the world.”

Winfrey went on to warn that unless the nation can return to that “we will continue to be lost.”

No nation can stay afloat long without a fixed moral compass to guide them. Sadly, the Western world has blatantly rejected their Christian foundation, and consequently, we find ourselves sinking deeper and deeper into the moral bankruptcy of relativism.

We’ve dismissed the Bible and with it, a proper definition of justice, righteousness, goodness, marriage, masculinity, femininity, sexual morality, family, and so on. As a result, we no longer have any meaningful basis for distinguishing between what ought to be considered moral and immoral.

We are a fickle culture, that mourns the slaughter of our children in the classroom while celebrating their slaughter in the womb.

We teach our children they are nothing but the random, accidental by-products of time and chance acting on matter.

We tell them their life has no real meaning outside of their own imagined importance. We say they have no ultimate purpose apart from that which they themselves create in their own minds.

We tell them there is no absolute moral standard, and then we’re stunned to find out they actually believed us, and now they live as though there are no ultimate consequences for committing injustices.

We tell them they are children of wild beasts, the strongest of their species to survive millions of years of violent and brutal competition. And then we’re surprised when they do whatever is right in their own eyes.

When we teach our children to forget their God, when we teach them to disregard the source of life, it is only natural for them to despise life in any form. As Proverbs 8:36 says, “All who hate me love death.”

Unless we return to our Christian heritage, the only thing we’re “progressing” towards is our own demise and downfall. As Peter Kreeft warned, moral relativism is the single most important issue of our age, because no culture in history has ever embraced it and survived.

How then do we return to our Christian foundations? It starts at home, with you as an individual and your family. It’s rightly said, “As the home goes, so goes the church. And as the church goes, so goes the nation.”

Do you want to see change? Open your Bible and I’ll see you at church on Sunday morning.

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