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The ABC asks children, what’s it like to be queer?

What’s this? It’s the victim card. What’s that? It’s the fabrication of victimhood to justify one’s own poor behaviour. And it was recently played by the ABC in response to the backlash they received for their racist ‘Privilege Song’ video.

“It was just a kid’s show,” they cried. “What sort of grown man gets upset about a children’s program?” Well, on the off chance that anyone out there still buys their garbage, here’s one more glimpse at the “kid’s show” they just can’t comprehend anybody finding objectionable.

There are many different sexualities… The word Queer hasn’t always been a positive or inclusive term. But in recent years it’s been reclaimed by many people of the LGBTQIA+ communities… So, what’s it like to be queer?

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