Izzy Folau and His Demented Detractors

Do you remember how before the redefinition of marriage people were saying that nothing would change, as well as how any mention of a ‘slippery slope’ was fear-mongering?

Do you remember how before the redefinition of marriage people were saying that nothing would change, as well as how any mention of a ‘slippery slope’ was fear-mongering? That the sky wouldn’t fall in and life would simply continue on as it had before. Well, someone obviously forgot to mention that to Israel and Maria Folau. As that brilliant satirist, The Mocker, recently wrote in The Australian:

Folau’s wrongdoing is compounded by the fact he has not shown obeisance to his accusers, nor sought their forgiveness. He has not acknowledged to his betters he is fundamentally flawed, nor has he shown penitence. He challenges truths which must never be questioned, thus corrupting and poisoning the minds of our young people. It is not so much his indifference to his detractors that is provocative but that he seemingly relishes being shunned. In short, he has failed to recognise his archaic beliefs have no place in a tolerant and secular society.

Izzy and his wife have been pursued by a woke cabal made up of journalists, media celebrities, and progressive politicians. Just last week, St George-Illawarra lost their nerve and withdrew their offer of future employment because of sustained pressure by armchair activists on social media. How has that worked out though, for organisations such as Rugby Australia who were the first to cave in on the big three involving freedom of speech, conscience, and religion? Well, according to The Sydney Morning Herald:

Rugby Australia has confirmed Wallabies players will have match payments slashed by about 50 per cent this year, worth up to $6000 per Test, as part of $2.5 million of savings in a new collective bargaining agreement that will also see fewer national contracts handed out.

Meanwhile, Raelene Castle, the former CEO for Rugby Australia, has ignominiously returned to New Zealand after failing to secure the much-needed income from broadcast rights. And with Izzy reported to have secured a multi-million dollar payout, the whole scenario has been an unmitigated disaster, both financially and in terms of public relations.

But even more to the point, the continuing global pandemic caused by COVID-19, has meant that the once-bustling terminals are empty. For Qantas, the sky has quite literally fallen! International air travel has been drastically reduced, and the world’s airports resembling something from a scene of Stephen King’s dystopian masterpiece, The Stand.

As of August 2020, Qantas recorded the following dire financial scenario:

  • Underlying Profit Before Tax: $124 million (down 91%)
  • Statutory Loss Before Tax: $2.7 billion (the majority of which is non-cash, including aircraft write-downs)
  • $4 billion revenue impact from COVID crisis in 2H20
  • Operating cash flow: $1.1 billion
  • Liquidity of $4.5 billion providing a considerable buffer to manage uncertainty
  • Significant progress on initial steps of three-year recovery plan

The report went on to conclude: “In what has been the most challenging period in its long history, the Qantas Group reported a $124 million Underlying Profit Before Tax for the 12 months ended 30 June 2020, down 91 per cent on the prior year.”

As now anyone can see, the slippery slope was more like a precipice. But while Israel Folau and his wife Maria are getting on with raising their young family, people of faith can’t help but observe the hand of God being against all of their dementors who sought to oppose them.

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