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Police May Drop Reference to Islam When Discussing Islamic Terrorism Because It Causes ‘Islamophobia’

Police in the UK may stop using the words “Islamic terrorism” and “jihadis” when discussing terrorist attacks carried out by Muslims who claim Islam as their motivation. The move was proposed in order to prevent the public from forming a negative view of the Islamic religion.

According to The Times, the reform was requested by a Muslim police organisation that argued the official use of the terms are responsible for negative perceptions and stereotypes which perpetuate discrimination and Islamophobia.

The proposed alternatives were discussed at an event last month addressed by Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, the national head of counter-terrorism police.

The event was also attended by more than 70 terrorist attack survivors, victims’ relatives, academics, experts and advocacy groups.

Police told The Times they have not ruled out adopting the proposed reform.

A local told Caldron Pool, the public have also stopped using the word “impartial” when speaking of the UK police.

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