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ABC deletes story about climate protesters halting protection burns prior to devastating bushfires

It was reported on social media on Monday that ABC Gippsland deleted a news story they shared in September about members of the local Nowa Nowa community protesting strategic asset protection burns in the region.

During the protests, ABC Gippsland reported, “The protesters held up signs, positioned themselves in the area that was planned to burn.”

One of the protesters allegedly commented to the ABC, saying she hoped she wouldn’t be fined, but she was more concerned about climate change.

“I’m more worried about climate change, and the impact the burns are having. I’m worried for my grandchildren.

“The mulch is the only moisture on the ground and we don’t want them to burn away that mulch.”

Screen capture of deleted post: Michael Ayling

The burn was stopped according to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, awaiting another opportunity to complete it.

On October 23, the ABC reported on a second protest that took place at Nowa Nowa in relation to the rescheduled backburn that was meant to take place in September.

As a result, ABC Gippsland reported that the local community were relieved at the results of their protest as it “Scaled back the planned burns. The original plan was to burn 370 hectares but reduced it to 9 hectares.”

Screen capture: Michael Ayling

After the September story was recently shared on social media in light of the current bushfire emergency, ABC Gippsland allegedly removed the post.

The ABC has not yet commented directly in response to the concerns raised, however, one social media user who reached out for comment was told, “We are focusing on Emergency Broadcasting at the moment as communities are being impacted.”

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