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WATCH: Biden Supporter Begs Mob Not to Destroy His Home, Told Asking for Peaceful Protest is “White Supremacy”

Welcome to Biden's America, where not even his supporters are safe.
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Truly, the Left eat their own – and sometimes, they hardly even need a reason for doing so.

A Joe Biden supporter has been captured on video pleading with protesters not to destroy his home because he has a Biden 2020 sign in his front garden.

The video shows the man standing on his front porch as he calls out to the mob gathering on his street: “There’s my Biden sign,” he said. “Don’t destroy anything. Be peaceful. Be peaceful.”

A female protester with a megaphone can be heard responding to the man, saying: “No one cares about your white a** opinion!

“Who do you think you are telling black people how to protest? You f***ing white a** privileged old man,” she said.

“You ask for a peaceful protest. It’s white supremacy! Asking for people to be peaceful is white supremacy!”

Surprise! Here’s a small taste of Joe Biden’s America, where not even his supporters are safe. What did you think you were voting for?


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