Cultural Revolution Survivor Calls Out Cultural Marxism

“Name-calling was a key tenet of the Maoist maligning of political opponents.”

Xi Van Fleet’s criticisms of Cultural Marxism began in 2021.

Her tragic story shot to prominence after viral video footage catapulted the victim of Communism’s pro-freedom protest around the world.

Angry at the Left’s rebranding of Marxism, Van Fleet went from quiet mum to avid campaigner.

Van Fleet’s message is simple: “I do not want to live under Communism again.”

There are red flags that remind her of the Red Guard, warned Van Fleet.

Cultural Marxism has traits that are identical to those found in Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

For example, Critical Race Theory is Marxism, she adds.

In her new book published by Center Street, Van Fleet goes the extra mile.

Mao’s America: A Survivor’s Warning overlays Mao’s blueprint for bloodshed with the West’s embrace of identity politics, equity (unequal treatment before the law), socialism, and the subjective justification of violence.

The murderous Marxist cult was able to tear apart China during the country’s Cultural Revolution because the government had made itself a parent, priest, and God.

Similarly, in 2020, “average Americans found themselves” besieged by pandemic prison rules, put-downs, and protests.

“The government at every level now, from the school board to federal authorities, demands submission to tyrannical orders that often appear nonsensical and politically charged,” she writes.

Name-calling was a key tenet of the Maoist maligning of political opponents.

Today in the United States, ‘parents who speak out at school board meetings are being labelled as Domestic terrorists.’

Additionally, law enforcement has become the oppressor, and the criminal the oppressed.

“Hardworking Americans have found themselves to be strangers in their own country,” determined Van Fleet.

The similarities are chilling.

In Mao’s China, “people were turned against other in search of enemies.

“Friends turned against friends, neighbours turned against neighbours, families, co-workers, and children were taught to denounce their parents.

“Cancel culture was a tool to purge those who weren’t pure Maoists – everything, including our Chinese heritage, was destroyed.”

With 20 million dead, Xi Van Fleet said she is ‘enraged to see’ this same storm coming for her ‘new beloved country.’

This, she reasoned, is why “I’ve refused to hide, and instead stick my head out.”

Hence, her fight, and her willingness to risk life, livelihood, and limb, in educating as many as possible.

Speaking again to Critical Race Theory (CRT) – which includes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), cultural safetyism, Environmental Social Governance (ESG), and forced LGBTQ+ sensitivity training – Van Fleet asserted that CRT uses Marxist tactics.

Activists employ the same tools Mao did: “division, indoctrination, deception, coercion, cancellation, subversion, and violence.”

They both “aim to destroy traditional culture, and replace with it with Marxism.”

They both “weaponise the youth, using them as a means to an end.”

They both “share the same goal of achieving absolute power at the expense of people.”

They both “lead to the same sad ending: loss of liberty, and totalitarian rule.”

Unpacking Cultural Marxism’s rhyme with Mao’s Cultural Revolution, Van Fleet told Educate Freedom, that racist is the new “Rightest.”

“Whiteness” is used the same way “Rightest” was used by the Communist Chinese Party.

“This time it’s not about class, it’s about race. [The Left] are doing exactly what Mao did.”

“White people are automatically the oppressor and black people are the oppressed, but they don’t stop there.”

“If you think [live] like a white person, they say you’re a white supremacist.”

The remedy to all of this, Van Fleet infers, is ordinary men and women having the courage to speak truth to falsehood.

“Socialism isn’t about sharing, it’s about state control of everything.”

The “lesson for leftists is this: you are useful idiots. When you’re of no use to Marxists, they’ll do away with you.

“There’s no quick fix,” to Cultural Marxism, she concludes.

To stop the “long [Maoist] march” through Western institutions requires a grassroots revolt.

“We have to be willing to engage in our own long march back towards restoring the United States.”

The Red Guards were mostly children.

Their rampage wasn’t triggered overnight, it was designed, planned, and executed in order to solidify the power of the state.

“We need to take back the education system.”

“The most important thing to do is save our youth,” from the indoctrination of activists posing as educators.

To educate Americans, it’s important to understand what we’re dealing with: “Wokeness is Communism.”


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