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Northern Territory passes new laws to make it easier to change gender, a “consequential amendment needed” after allowing same-sex marriage.

The Northern Territory has passed new laws to allow individuals, including children, to legally change their gender without the need for surgery.

The changes to the Birth, Deaths and Marriage Act allows people to register their gender as non-binary on their birth certificates, as well as making it easier for transgender people to change their sex without surgery.

Parents will also be able to change the sex identity of their children.

NT Attorney-General Natasha Fyles said, “Australians voted last year to allow same-sex marriage so there are consequential amendments needed in the NT.”

“We are watching our nation going nuts,” Lyle Shelton tweeted. “This is driven by LGBTQ marriage activists who lied about the consequences. So many Liberal Party members who capitulated are very much to blame for this mess.”

Mark Latham called it, “The triumph of post-modernism: laws that say a man with a penis is a woman and a woman with a vagina is a man.”

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