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Girl Guides Victoria to include boys who identify as girls, ‘discrimination’ for parents to deny them access to female bathrooms or express concern for daughters.

Girl Guides Victoria will now allow boys who identify as girls to join their ranks and share bathrooms with female members.

The new policy guidelines state: “An individual is to be considered the final authority of their own gender identity. The only way to know if a person is a transgender person is if the person discloses this to you.

“It is not appropriate to judge who is and is not a girl, nor is it appropriate to approach a person to ask if they are transitioning.”

According to the policy, if a parent expresses concern or does not want their daughter sharing a bathroom with a boy identifying as a girl, it should be “recognised as a form of discrimination.”

“This is often raised in conversations about denying transgender people access to bathrooms and is recognised as a form of discrimination,” the guideline states.

“Advise the parent that you expect all girls to behave in respectful and appropriate ways, that everyone’s safety is important to you, that having a transgender Member poses no risk to their daughter, and that you will address any concerns about behaviour should they arise.”

Girl Guides Victoria CEO, Amanda Kelly told the Herald Sun, “It’s not a big deal, it’s more of an explanation of what we already do.”