State Terrorism

Get angry at evil! Brendan O’Neill discusses the problem with our passive response to Terrorism

Anger can be wrong. Anger can be sinful. But anger is not always a wrong and sinful emotion. Sometimes it’s right to be angry. The Bible says, “be angry, and do not sin” (Ps. 4:4; Eph. 4:26). This would suggest that anger is not necessarily sinful, otherwise you couldn’t “be angry” without sinning.

But often we find ourselves angry at the wrong times and the wrong things, and not angry enough at the right times about the right things. In the video below, Brendan O’Neill and Julie Hartley-Brewer discuss Britain’s passive response to the Manchester bombing.

A nation that cannot get angry about the slaughter of its own children is really a nation that has lost its moral anchor.


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