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ABC ME tells children what it’s like to be queer: “We’re comfortable with it so you better get used to it too”

What It’s Like is a series on ABC ME, a television station aimed at school children. The program is for young people “whose voices, stories and perspectives aren’t often seen or heard.” In each episode children learn what it’s like to be in somebody else’s situation. Episodes include, What It’s Like: To Be Transgender, and What It’s Like: To Have Same-Sex Parents. 

This week, young viewers learned What It’s Like: To Be Queer. The episode includes children talking about their experiences with homosexuality. “We like being gay, lesbian, transgender, asexual, intersex. We like being who we are and we’re comfortable with it so you better get used to it too,” one young man explains. Another young child states, “I think people are homophobic because they’re scared of us, or they just think we’re cooler than them.”

The full episode is available online until the end of May. A two and a half minute clip was also shared on ABC ME’s official Facebook page. The video can be viewed below.

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