Disagreement Isn’t Murderous Hatred, and Those Who Say Otherwise Are Grooming Killers

“Is it any wonder we’ve lost the art of political debate? We don’t debate ideas anymore because they’re not considered ‘ideas’ anymore. Every contrary idea is an imminent threat to life and liberty. At least, that’s what the naïve and unstable have been groomed to believe, and yet so few have considered the implications of…

In recent years, much has been said about the rising threat of right-wing fascism. The mainstream media has tirelessly warned about the danger the straight white Christian male poses to society. Social media companies have ramped up their efforts to crack down on the new “extremism,” formerly known as “conservatism,” and otherwise known as your grandmother’s politics.

But in the absence of right-wing violence that matches their alarmism, left-wing commentators and politicians have had to invent new, ever-increasing threats, such as “hate speech.” If they can’t convince people that certain words are “violence” in need of silencing, then they’ll simply suggest conservative Christians will probably inspire violence someday, so it’s best to nip such dangerous rhetoric in the bud today.

What’s never acknowledged, however, is the real threat when it comes to dangerous political rhetoric. The sort of rhetoric that ends up hurting people on all sides by inciting some and demonising others. Take, for instance, people who identify as LGBTQ. No one has gone to greater lengths to make LGBTQ people feel more marginalised, despised, hated, and alone, than those politicians and elites claiming to champion their cause.

They’re groomed to believe that danger is around every corner. They’re told everybody, not an “ally” is naturally an “enemy.” That dangerous “right-wing Christians” are coming for them. That their very lives are in danger from anyone who doesn’t affirm their ideology.

This is because the dark side of politics doesn’t advance by rational debate but through the exploitation of the mentally malleable and the emotional manipulation of the masses. If they want the people to war against their political opponents, they must first convince the people that their opponents are waging war on them, and if not on them, then at least on some “vulnerable” or “oppressed” segment of society in desperate need of your defence. Enter the LGBTQ community.

Everybody wants to buy the dejected puppy in the window that nobody wants to buy. Herein lies the power of perpetual victimhood. We tend to root for the underdog. As long as the cause is carried out in the name of the weak and the vulnerable, it will garner public sympathy, which will eventuate into public support. Use the victim of the day as a cloak for your policy, and the people will back it. It gives them a momentary sense of virtue, but many rarely think beyond that moment.

Do you want to dismantle the “Western-prescribed nuclear family structure,” as is the stated goal of Black Lives Matter? You do so by presenting it as a danger to every alternative until it is redefined to include every alternative. And once it’s broad enough to mean everything, it’s not narrow enough to mean anything. In this case, “same-sex marriage” isn’t the end in itself, but merely a means to that stated end. The Marxists at BLM don’t want to make gay couples more like the nuclear family, they want to “disrupt the nuclear family.” And to do so, they must exploit the LGBTQ community for that purpose.

But shouldn’t we take a moment to also consider what impact this might have on people who are already convinced that they are victims, that they are hated, and that they don’t belong anywhere? Those who exploit the so-called “oppressed” for political gain, are doing them no favours in continually insisting that any and all political, ideological, and religious difference stems from complete and utter hatred. That is, after all, exactly what they’re being groomed to believe.

It’s often suggested that if Christians don’t abandon their deepest-held convictions, it is only due to a murderous contempt for everyone who is different. That is why the debate surrounding same-sex marriage is often depicted, not as two conflicting worldviews, but as opposing emotions, as love versus hate. There is the “progressive cause,” and then there’s hate. That’s it. There are no other options. Your pastor either affirms you or he hates you. As such, the supposed champions of the LGBTQ cause insist that if your lifestyle is not condoned, it is because you are hated. And you better watch out, because if these people who ascribe to the Bible get their way, they’ll probably take away all your rights, or worse!

For years, this threatening portrayal of Christianity has been further solidified in the public mind through film and television. Cult-like villainous Christians who use the Bible to justify the mistreatment of others is a popular storyline. It was only this month that actor Rainn Wilson admitted Hollywood had an anti-Christian bias. The Office actor said anti-Christian themes are so prevalent in the entertainment industry that whenever a character invokes the Bible, it’s almost immediately assumed that we’re being introduced to a “horrific villain.”

The message that is relentlessly broadcast to those outside of the Christian faith is that your believing father, friend, or neighbour would have you dead but for the lack of legal opportunity. It’s a simple but effective tactic: adopt a position contrary to your political opponents, then convince all those who hold to that position that everyone opposed to you poses a clear and present danger. It is pure exploitation for political purposes. It’s how they divide a people in order to conquer those people.

If they oppose abortion, they hate women and want them dead. If they oppose same-sex marriage, they hate gays and want them dead. If they oppose irreversible gender surgery for children, they hate kids and want them dead. If they don’t want men in women’s bathrooms, they hate transgender people and want them dead.

If a nation divided is easy to rule, then simply equate disagreement with hatred. And voilà! The enemy becomes father, friend, and neighbour. And if hatred is what inspires violence, then anyone who disagrees is a potential threat, a potential terrorist, a potential gunman. And you’re not going to just sit there and let them kill you, right?

Is it any wonder we’ve lost the art of political debate? We don’t debate ideas anymore because they’re not considered “ideas” anymore. Every contrary idea is an imminent threat to life and liberty. At least, that’s what the naïve and unstable have been groomed to believe, and yet so few have considered the implications of equating disagreement with murderous hatred.

When a different opinion is continually portrayed as a threat to life and liberty, evil people, vulnerable people, and unstable people will fight against that different opinion as though their life and liberty depended on it.

It’s incitement, and it is this distorted mindset that cultivates a militant opposition to diversity of thought. It is this distorted mindset that inspires a group of militant activists to violently protest a peaceful gathering about women’s rights. It is this distorted mindset that leads a transgender protester to think repeatedly punching an elderly woman in the face is justifiable. It is this distorted mindset that inspires transgender activists to plan a “Trans Day of Vengeance.” It is this distorted mindset that inspires a transgender person to storm her former Christian school and gun down six Christians, including three children. It is this distorted mindset that prompts people to respond to that horrific massacre by saying, “hate has consequences.” And that’s just this week!

But where will it end? Is there even an end in sight? It wasn’t always like this.

It wasn’t too long ago that we could have political disagreements without labelling everyone a Nazi, White Supremacist, extremist, racist, phobic, or right-wing fascist. That’s because we haven’t always had the establishment peddling the false narrative that Christian values pose a threat to society.

We’ve been divided from the top down. We’ve been convinced that anyone who doesn’t abandon their conservative or Christian views for the “progressive” cause is motivated, not by a love for God and neighbour, but by a murderous hatred for everybody else.

Until those in power are held accountable for exploiting the evil, vulnerable, and unstable for their political ends, until they’re called to account for manipulating their political pawns into believing that everyone who thinks differently poses an imminent threat to their life, terrible things are bound to continue, and more innocent people are likely to be hurt.

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