Christians in China distribute face masks, gospel tracts, and broadcast sermons to terrified people in coronavirus hot zone

Christians in China have taken to the streets of Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak, not only to distribute free face masks but to also share the gospel with millions of frightened residents of the Hubei province.

With the death toll reportedly rising to 722 and the number of confirmed cases jumping to 34,546, believers are risking their own safety in an effort to help their neighbours.

Not only are Chinese Christians in danger of infection, but could also find themselves subject to potential persecution by authorities.

According to CBN News, the face masks serve a dual-purpose by helping to prevent the spread of disease while concealing a person’s identity. There are an estimated 100 million Christians in China, who often face persecution in the Communist nation. For that reason, most operate underground.

Despite being faced with the threat of imprisonment and/or infection, CBN News Asia correspondent Lucille Talusan reports that Christians in the region are still taking to the streets to meet the needs of others.

“There are Christians, a ministry in Wuhan, they go out to the streets. They’re very courageous,” she said.

“They give out masks and they say that they are Christians and they share the love of Christ and point to Jesus to bring hope to them and their families and the whole of China… This is really a break-through.”

Ms Talusan said the fear and uncertainty in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic has made some more receptive to the gospel.

A video uploaded to social media shows sermons being broadcast to communities through speakers on balconies. Another video shows Christians distributing face masks and gospel tracts to passersby on the streets.

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