The Caldron Pool Show: Episode 4 Is Here!

The Caldron Pool Show – Episode 4 with Savanah Hernandez

Episode 4 of The Caldron Pool Show is here! This week, we’re chatting with reporter and political commentator, Savanah Hernandez.

Savanah, the lead producer of Slightly Offensive with Elijah Schaffer, and former lead producer of the War Room with Owen Shroyer, shot to fame for her on-the-ground reporting of the 2019 pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

She went on to cover the 2020 Antifa riots, among other notable events back in the U.S., for which she eventually caught the attention of President Trump.

After the President shared some of her footage on Twitter, Savanah’s account was promptly suspended. All of her videos of the violent riots that swept the nation were deleted.

You can watch and listen to the show by clicking here.

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