French MEP Ripped of Rights After Being Accused of “Hate Speech”

“French MEP, Nicholas Bay, has had his rights revoked after speaking out against the building of the Great Mosque in Évreux, Normandy.”

French MEP, Nicholas Bay, has had his rights revoked after speaking out against the building of the Great Mosque in Évreux, Normandy.

Bay, a resident of Normandy, criticised the construction on Twitter in May 2021, saying, “The minaret of this mosque is the symbol of a desire for affirmation that has no place on [French] soil!”

The waiver request was sent by Eric Dupond-Moretti, head of the French Ministry of Justice after Bay was denounced for “hate speech,” and “incitement,” by Rouen Public Prosecutors in Normandy.

Bay’s 2021 video made criticisms of Islamic extremism, linking Islamism to Mosques – a connection already publicly acknowledged by the French Government.

Six Mosques were closed in 2021 by French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, who, according to Breitbart, also disbanded other associations, after finding 30% of the 89 Mosques investigated had been scrutinised for ties with Islamists.

EU justifications for Bay’s censure included his refusal to be interrogated by police, “invoking his immunity.”

Additionally, the waiver said, his immunity didn’t cover “the alleged offences,” because Bay’s “concerns, and opinions were not relevant to his duties as an MEP.”

The removal of Bay’s immunity means the MEP is no longer protected from “arbitrary political persecution.”

Under immunity, EU members, “cannot be subject to any form of inquiry, detention or legal proceedings because of opinions expressed or votes cast in their capacity as MEP.”

Meaning, Bay has also lost his right to speak freely – “express his mandate” – without recrimination, detention, or punishment.

Despite parliament finding “no evidence of the intention to politically persecute” Bay for his comments, thus granting the request 18-5, Bay could face prosecution under France’s feelings-based “hate speech” laws.

Without parliamentary protection, if tried and convicted, Bay could be fined 45,000 euros, and spend 1-year in prison. (See Section 33, Article 29)

Responding on Facebook to his rights ripped away, Bay wrote:

“At the request of Eric Dupond-Moretti, the European Parliament has just lifted my parliamentary immunity. What am I being blamed for? Having denounced the construction of a monumental mosque with minaret and Koranic school near Évreux. Count me in to fight for justice.” (Translated)

Questions about Dupond-Morettis’ political motivations for pursuing the “hate speech” waiver are not without substance.

Nicholas Bay is a   Catholic, former Le Pen Nationalist Party Vice President, who, after being booted by Le Pen for wanting to “unite the right,” is now Vice President of France’s Reconquête (Reconquest) Party.

Considered “far-right” by Politico, Reconquest’s platform is about as controversial as they get in the post-Christian, soft-totalitarian Wokeified West.

The party appears to hold to Classical Liberal values in the defence of France, faith, family, and freedom; and claims to be a “gathering of the French people fighting for its survival, the future of France, its international influence, and the defence of our civilisation.”

Bay is just as unapologetically controversial in the Classical Liberal, Christian sense.

This was evidenced by his reassertions yesterday on Twitter, that “uniting the right means promoting the civilizational right by defending”:

  1. “Our identity in the face of immigration and political Islam.”
  2. “Economic freedoms in the face of statism and welfare.”
  3. “Traditional values in the face of LGBT claims.” (Translated)

The “far-right” labelling of Nicolas Bay is more proof that the line between truth and falsehood has been moved.

“Hate speech” is now “not nice speech” – any word, subject, or confronting truth that makes people uncomfortable.

Bay’s three points outline the problem of cultural safetyism, and this poses a real, existential, militant threat to those living under, once cherished constitutional democracies.

These points expose the dangers of soft-totalitarianism, which is being nurtured into existence by Cultural Marxists on the Left, and Corporatist RINOs on the “Right.”

It was inevitable that opposing the invasion of new cultural laws such as irresponsible immigration, Islamism, socialism, and the LGBT cult would earn a person the terrorist tag.

As was witnessed in the United States when Joe Biden, during his September 2022 “unity speech,” essentially told the world, “Anyone not a Democrat, is to be treated like a domestic terrorist.”

Equally relevant is the ever-increasing social credit score ratings, by which the dissident is ostracized from society.

Look at how an ersatz social credit score, covertly applied by Big Tech, and Big Media’s Trusted News Initiative monopoly, is suffocating the fourth estate.

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