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Billboard removed after dictionary definition of ‘woman’ deemed offensive, transphobic hate speech.

A billboard quoting the dictionary definition of ‘woman’ has been removed after it was deemed transphobic hate speech.

The poster, created by Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, founder of women’s rights group Standing for Women, was erected in Liverpool and quoted the definition of woman, according to Google dictionary: ‘woman, women, noun, adult human female.’

Soon after the billboard was installed, NHS doctor and LGBTQ activist Adrian Harrop complained that the posters were dangerous and made transgender people feel unsafe.

“There is no place for hatred, exclusion or transphobia in Liverpool,” Harrop said on Twitter. “This billboard was funded by a transphobic hate group… motivated solely by transphobia and a desire to exclude trans people from public life. To say otherwise is entirely disingenuous.”

About one week after it was installed, the billboard was removed.

Mrs Keen-Minshull told a British television morning show, that she fears we’re losing the word ‘woman.’

“We might be called ‘cervix havers’ or ‘menstruaters’, in cervical cancer campaign material the word ‘woman’ doesn’t appear…”

Mrs Keen-Minshull isn’t just worried about the definition of words either. She’s also troubled by how transgenderism in general impacts on women in other areas.

“If I was arrested today by a police officer who still had a penis but said he was a woman, he’s allowed to intimately search me,” she explained

“Now, the reason he’s allowed to intimately search me is because a transgender police officer who said he was a woman, took the police to court to have that right because he said it was discriminatory.”

Mrs Keen-Minshull went on to say, “the fact that [the dictionary definition of woman] is deemed transphobic absolutely highlights the absurdity of what’s going on… This is an absolute assault on women and womanhood.”

Going head-to-head with Harrop on Sky News, Mrs Keen-Minshull then accused the LGBTQ activist of attempting to entirely erase the meaning of ‘woman.’

“What you and your misogynistic allies are seeking to do is to erase what it means to be a woman, in law and in life,” she said. “And that is why this campaign has been absolutely essential.

“If you didn’t push women to the point that we are very, very angry that we feel we have to protect the language around us, by using words like ‘cervix havers’ and ‘menstruaters’, cervical cancer obliterating the word ‘woman’, not even using it in campaign material, we wouldn’t feel the need to assert the fact that the meaning of woman is only adult human female.”

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