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‘Punish a Muslim Day’: Is this proof it’s a hoax by Muslims?

Flyers distributed in England are calling on white-supremacists to “Punish a Muslim” on July 24. The letter suggests punishments such as, “Spit in the face of a Muslim,” “Slap the Muslim in the face,” and even “Assassinate the Muslim politician, actor, comedian, cafe owner, or other leading figure and display his head on a pole.”

The flyers are horrific, but author Raheem Kassam, is calling B.S. One of the punishments suggested involved burning or tearing up the “Holy Quran” and leaving it outside a “Masjid,” the Arabic word for Mosque.

Kassam rightly pointed out, “No one who hates Islam would call it the ‘Holy Quran’ nor would they use ‘Masjid’. These letters are clearly hoaxes written by other Muslims.”

What do you think? Are these an attempt to drum up sympathy for false-victims? Or is it common practice for white-supremacists to refer to the Quran as “Holy” and Islamic Mosques as “Masjid”?

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