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WATCH: Agnostic Sky News host Andrew Bolt says, “Jesus did live” – Scholar explains why there’s NO reason to doubt Jesus’ existence

“Jesus did live and historians say he was crucified,” Sky News host Andrew Bolt wrote in the Herald Sun this morning.

Bolt, a self-described agnostic, was introducing a 10-minute segment from his Sky News program The Bolt Report. The piece features Anglican pastor and scholar Dr Mark Durie and addresses some of the historical facts that even unbelievers cannot avoid.

In the video, Bolt explains, there’s no bigger story in the world to fact-check than the story of Jesus Christ.

“No story has been more important, really, in being such a force for good as well, and I speak as an agnostic,” he added.

In the clip below, Dr Durie explains some of the reasons why we shouldn’t doubt the historical existence of Jesus.

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