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Chris Tucker asked about President Trump, refuses to trash him: ‘I pray for him… I want him to be successful.’

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Comedian Chris Tucker appeared on Good Morning Britain last week where he told host Piers Morgan that he prays for President Trump and hopes his presidency is a success.

Morgan asked the Rush Hour star, “Do you consider him your president? … Trump is obviously an incredibly divisive figure… What do you feel about that?”

“You know what, I hope he does a good job,” Tucker responded.

“I pray for him. I pray for him, I say listen, I hope he does a good job because we need, you know, a great president. We need a lot of things to happen in our country in America, so I hope he does good.”

“I hope tomorrow he wakes up and he does the right thing… I want him to be successful,” he said.

Hollywood is like a plane full of passengers hoping they’ll crash because they don’t like the pilot. And here we are, pleasantly surprised to find someone praying for their President to succeed. What a world…


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