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Chris Tucker asked about President Trump, refuses to trash him: ‘I pray for him… I want him to be successful.’

Comedian Chris Tucker appeared on Good Morning Britain last week where he told host Piers Morgan that he prays for President Trump and hopes his presidency is a success.

Morgan asked the Rush Hour star, “Do you consider him your president? … Trump is obviously an incredibly divisive figure… What do you feel about that?”

“You know what, I hope he does a good job,” Tucker responded.

“I pray for him. I pray for him, I say listen, I hope he does a good job because we need, you know, a great president. We need a lot of things to happen in our country in America, so I hope he does good.”

“I hope tomorrow he wakes up and he does the right thing… I want him to be successful,” he said.

Hollywood is like a plane full of passengers hoping they’ll crash because they don’t like the pilot. And here we are, pleasantly surprised to find someone praying for their President to succeed. What a world…


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