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It’s time to start calling this what it is: Pedophilia

VICE Canada is celebrating the next generation of drag queens with a video promoting a new documentary about preteen drag kids.

The documentary follows four young boys dressed as sexualised women parading about on stage for the entertainment of adults.

According to IMDB, the four children in the film are “unafraid to hold their own in the adult world of competitive drag queens, voguing and lip-syncing.”

VICE’s Hilary Beaumont went behind the scenes as the young boys prepared for a show held at Toronto’s Glad Day Bookshop. During preparations, one of the boys is excited to show off his new “transparent dress”.

Matt Walsh from The Daily Wire said, “People who support and applaud this are pedophiles and should be treated as such.”

Referring to a story about Drag Kids last year, Jordan Peterson said: “If you don’t see that this child is being exploited then ideology has possessed you to the core.

“In what moral universe is it acceptable to encourage a 10-year-old boy to dress like an adult male mimicking a sexualized adult female, use that as a ticket to fame and then claim it as virtue?”

It’s time to start calling the Drag Kids phenomenon what it is: pedophilia.


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