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Is Theocratic Libertarianism the answer?

If you’re going to engage the culture, or offer any sort of political commentary, chances are someone will eventually ask you where you align politically.

We might have a basic idea of what people mean when they refer to themselves as Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Democrat, Libertarian, and so on. But is there any reason we should be limited to the categories usually offered us? Perhaps there is a better option.

During a lecture at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho, Doug Wilson said, things in our public life are so gummed up that he believes we can openly call for radical reform.

We need something different, Wilson said. Very different. What Wilson suggested was an approach to cultural and political engagement called, Theocratic Libertarianism.

So, how is Theocratic Libertarianism defined? Watch the lecture below where Wilson offers five basic features:

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