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WATCH: Congressman Ends Prayer With ‘Amen and Awoman’

Never think you're not smart enough for politics.

United States Democratic Rep. Emanuel Cleaver appears to think the traditional “Amen” at the close of a Christian prayer is a gender-biased expression.

Cleaver, who delivered the opening prayer at the 117th US Congress in Washington D.C. on Sunday, opted instead to end his intercession by saying “amen and awoman.”

The term “amen”, however, is not a reference to gender, but comes from a Hebrew word which literally means “truly” or “let it be so.” It also appears throughout the Greek New Testament with the same meaning.

As the Christian website GotQuestions explains: “When Christians say ‘amen’ at the end of our prayers, we are following the model of the apostles asking God to ‘please let it be as we have prayed.'”

Never think you’re not smart enough for politics.

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