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Senator exposes CSIRO after they omitted finding “no studies linking climate change to bushfires”

CSIRO has failed to include a previous finding that “there are no studies linking climate change to fire weather” in a ‘bushfire explainer document’.

A CSIRO official, who was questioned by Senator Matt Canavan during Senate Estimates, failed to explain why the finding had been omitted from the document on the “climate change and science about bushfires.”

For 10 awkward seconds, the official sat in silence when asked by Mr Canavan about the omission.

Mr Canavan told Paul Murray of Sky News, “It’s like writing a report for a newspaper about a football match and not including the final score. It was essential to what they were trying to write and they left it out and they had no answer as to why they left it out at all.”

In a post on Facebook today, Mr Canavan said, “We have some great scientists at the CSIRO but I fear they face the same pressures as others to maintain the ‘orthodox’ line on climate change.

“That’s why it was so hard for them to simply admit to what they had already written this week at Senate estimates. Namely, that there is no established link between climate change and bushfires. As reported in The Australian Today.”



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