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Specsavers Brilliant Response to Ridiculous “Let’s Do London” Campaign Artwork

The Mayor of London has been ridiculed on social media after unveiling the artwork for the city’s latest #LetsDoLondon campaign.

Sadiq Khan shared the campaign imagery through Twitter on Wednesday, prompting many users to question whether or not the artwork was a joke.

“Brilliant work from David Hockney in Piccadilly–the first of a series of major art projects we’ve commissioned as part of our brand new #LetsDoLondon campaign,” Khan tweeted. “Lots more to come very soon!”

The post attracted over 11k replies, almost all of which mocked the artwork for appearing as though it were created by a child using Microsoft Paint.

But it was Specsavers simple two-word response that won the day:

Then again, if art reflects culture, this may just be the perfect representation of Khan’s London.