Latham’s Parental Rights Bill Comes Out of COVID-Stasis

“What’s most to like about Latham’s bill is that it stops parents from being written out of the education system, and ends political indoctrination in schools.”

After being in COVID-stasis since its inception, New South Wales legislative member, Mark Latham’s ‘Education Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill 2020’ is being tabled for consideration.

The One Nation bill’s main function is to ‘recognise the primacy of parents in relation’ to their children’s education.

The premise is well-grounded. Parents and guardians have an integral role in their child’s education.

Parents should be made aware of what is taught, how it is taught, have a say in what should be taught, and what they want to be taught.

One relevant example is teaching about Marxism, not from, and through a Marxist lens. Another is transgenderism.

One Nation’s amendments, explained the Australian Christian Lobby, “Seeks to ban schools from teaching topics like gender fluidity to children without parents’ consent. It protects parental rights in law.”

Broadly speaking, the One Nation bill offers parents and educators a platform to preserve objectivity.

More specifically, the bill seeks to protect science, sports and arts, by pushing out anti-women, anti-science LGBTQ+ subjectivism.

Although criticised as “harmful and transphobic”, interpreted properly, the bill is pro-transparency, not anti-transgender.

Its ‘directives,’ as summarised by the Australian Christian Lobby are:

  • Teaching in schools must be non-ideological;
  • Parents can withdraw their children from teaching that is inconsistent with their core values;
  • Schools must reveal on their website what they are teaching;
  • Schools cannot withhold gender-related information from parents about their child;
  • Students must use facilities according to their biological sex (unless they’ve had a medical gender transition); and
  • School counsellors cannot discuss gender issues without parental consent.

An added bonus of the bill’s protection of parental rights is the bill’s protection of educators.

The bill potentially stops head bureaucrats in the New South Wales Government from mandating an allegiance to LGBTQ+ ideology under the same COVID-19 “public health orders” used to violate an educator’s right to informed consent.

Teachers would be free from any “oath or out” mandate requiring educators to present papers proving membership in the LGBTQ+, CRT, BLM political religions.

By extension, this also protects students and schools from further government overreach.

The bill halts the likelihood of CCP-19 compliance officers transitioning into LGBTQ+, CRT, BLM compliance officers.

A flaw in the One Nation bill is its apparent lack of protection for early childhood educators.

This is an industry heavily propped by tax-payer dollars, overregulation, and hard-line bureaucratic oversight.

As such Early Childhood Educators are likely to be the first hit with a “convert, pay a tax or die” mandated allegiance to the far-left cult’s Alphabet Mafia.

Early childhood education is also an industry already heading in the direction of “inclusive” drag Queen in library’s “Storytime,” “Invasion Day” myths, “pregnant people,” “parent 1 – parent 2,” “Christianity is evil,” and “all white people are racists.”

The NSW/ACT branch of the Independent Education Union Australia is opposed to the bill, writing in September 2021, the “legislation has no place in a progressive society.”

Unaware of the hideous irony, the Education Union, who supported the firing of unvaccinated educators, said, “Threatening to revoke teachers’ accreditation, and therefore their means to a livelihood, simply for discussing and affirming the vulnerable students in their care is fundamentally wrong… No teacher should lose their job for offering to help a student.”

IEUA dismissed the bill as burdensome, labelling it an attack on professionalism.

What’s most to like about Latham’s bill is that it stops parents from being written out of the education system, and ends political indoctrination in schools.

The bill gives a voice to the majority, who, based on voting trends since 2016, want to see a strong “no” to the creeping bureaucratic takeover of parenting by the state.

You can sign the petition to call for the NSW Government to pass the Parental Rights Bill here.

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