Mass Arrests of Freedom Protesters in Cuba Are Set to Be Mirrored in Australia

Understanding and dialogue needs to replace any further police state tactics.

In response to anti-communist demonstrations in early July, Cuban protesters are being rounded up.

According to Al Jazeera, “nearly 60 people have been prosecuted” for anti-Communist demonstrations in what legacy media are jointly calling “anti-government protests.”

The Middle-Eastern news organisation said that “the total number of people being detained hasn’t been released.”

Over 600 were arrested during the protests now face charges for “contempt, public disorder, vandalism and propagation of the coronavirus pandemic for allegedly marching without face masks.”

In response to the crackdown, Reuters reported that “over 20 countries have condemned the Cuban crackdown, alleging human rights abuses.”

Joe Biden led the charge. The White House pulled a 180-degree turnaround from its official position last week, which blamed COVID-19, not Communism, as the principal cause for protests.

Joe Biden called Communism a “universally failed system.” Then stated that he “didn’t see socialism as a very useful substitute.”

It was a bold move. The president distanced himself from a movement whose radicalism helped slide him into office.

By denouncing Communism, Biden openly contradicted Black Lives Matter, who’d released a tone-deaf, pro-Communist defence of the Cuban regime.

Likewise, by denouncing socialism, Biden marginalised many Leftist Democrats who are embracing the socialist fad.

As The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake explained in an article headlined ‘Biden is forced to denounce Communism’: “There’s clearly an element on the left that would prefer to focus the narrative around the protests in Cuba on something other than its repressive, communist regime.”

For Blake, though, both the far-left and Biden’s “foes” took unfair advantage of the elderly president’s initial vague responses.

He labels the outrage irrational.

Legitimate criticisms weren’t undertaken on behalf of the Cuban protesters; they were a cheap pro-Trump political assault.

Hence, Biden back-flipped because he was boxed in by foes on one side, and inconsiderate, pro-Communist friends on the other.

What looks like a 180 turnaround, is, for WaPo, a mature government clarifying an already held position.

In other words, The Squad, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter Inc. can breathe easy.

“Biden’s denouncement of communism wasn’t really a denouncement of communism.”

He had to say it, just to shut up his critics.

Criticism of Biden’s initial response to Cuba appears to have gone over WaPo’s head.

The same can be said for Australia’s largely leftist tenured elite, whose incomes are assured, regardless of COVID lockdowns.

To quote from James Macpherson’s exceptional take on the events of the past week:

The political class ‘treats the public like mugs for the better part of two years, then wonders why they take to the streets effectively saying, “screw you”.’

This cluelessness was epitomised by Victorian State Premier Daniel Andrews, who as part of a larger spat, stated “I don’t know what half of them are they’re protesting against.”

The Daily Mail celebrated Andrews’ rants, describing them as  ‘tearing strips off “evil” protesters.’

DM also applauded New South Wales Premier, Gladys Berejiklian for saying the protests “broke her heart.”

Even some Christian leaders in solidarity with the State appeared to publicly disown members of their own community.

Members from the leftist-dominated academy, clergy, and bureaucracy all issued tone-deaf denouncements of the protests.

Freedom protesters were called “selfish” by the same political class who gave themselves a rise in allowances while killing livelihoods.

The very same political class who dictates that “it’s illegal to protest” while forgetting their warm embrace of Black Lives Matter, and “Invasion Day” protests, in June 2020, and January 2021 with exemptions and open arms.

Compare the response from authorities in Australia, with the response from authorities in Cuba.

People are protesting against an unjust, uncaring, and unsympathetic cold totalitarianism. They’re protesting for the return of their civil liberties.

The government response?

Arrest people.

Weaponize law enforcement.

Smear protesters with the label “anti-government,” “anti-vaxxer,” and “domestic terrorist.”

Add in more repression. Sprinkle in more decrees.

Reports of police planning to swarm protesters the way they would a cartel, or crime ring, should nauseate even the most fervent of the government’s “Covid-Safe” believers.

Understanding and dialogue needs to replace any further police state tactics.

Those who get paid regardless of lockdowns must shoulder some empathy for those who don’t.

Two islands, one voice. Between Cubans and Australians, there’s a distinct similarity.

While Cubans take a stand against decades of communism. Australians are starting to take a stand against its younger COVID cousin.

Orta recens quam pura nites! – Newly risen, how brightly you shine!

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