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Health Minister Poses With Baby Born at 29 Weeks, Less Than a Month After Arguing for a Mother’s Right to Kill the Same Child in the Womb

The New South Wales health minister has posed for a photograph with a baby born at 29 weeks, less than a month after backing an abortion bill making it legal to kill the same child in the womb.

Source: Twitter

The Reproductive Health Reform Bill 2019, as it’s euphemistically named, passed in the NSW parliament last month, overturning a century-old law, after the state’s health minister, Brad Hazzard, urged his colleagues to “right a wrong enacted into law 119 years ago”.

Hazzard supported the bill, which has essentially legalised abortion on demand up to 22-weeks. After 22 weeks, Hazzard said, a woman must consult with two abortion doctors and from there, “look at a range of factors to determine whether or not it is appropriate to terminate the pregnancy.”

The minister also reportedly opposed amendments to the bill, including one that would protect babies that are born alive after a failed abortion.

Self-awareness: Zero.

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