WATCH: Near-Naked Pole Dancer Provocatively Performs for Young Children and Parents

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Disturbing footage of a near-naked pole dancer performing for a group of young children has gone viral on social media.

The video appears to show around 20 kids, along with parents, seated around a small platform stage as the scantily dressed woman performs a provocative dance.

The performance begins with the woman seated on the stage for an extended period with her legs spread in front of the youngsters. During the performance, the woman drops a piece of clothing that was initially covering her behind and continues to dance in what could be underwear.

“Every time I see something like this I wonder whether we’ve ever really had a ‘next generation’ problem,” commented Allie Beth Stuckey. “Maybe we just have a parenting problem.”

And what’s the bet these same parents think Christian sexuality and biblical morality is harmful to children?

“The Left is just one step away from animal sex bots, and then child sex bots, and then you know what comes next,” said media analyst and author Mark Dice.

What we’re witnessing in our society is the sidelining of God and the downward spiral of debauchery that follows. With the Bible effectively rendered irrelevant in society, organisations, academics and teachers are feeling emboldened to operate outside the restraints of an objective moral standard.

There are no brakes on this thing because there’s no binding definition of right and wrong, moral and immoral. Every act, even the most heinous, can be justified. Every act.


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