Wilson: “If the Aussies Are Starting to Kick, It Must Be Pretty Bad”

“It’s genuinely bewildering that the only time some individuals and community leaders have spoken up during a time of crushing, unprecedented government overreach, is to protest against those protesting crushing, unprecedented government overreach.”

Douglas Wilson’s latest vlog entry criticises current and pending CCP-19 mandates from overreaching governments.

The author, pastor and theologian, gives a four-point roadmap for response.

First, people must understand that “Ceasar is not in charge of what constitutes a valid religious exemption.”

Wilson stated, “We are being led around by the nose. We are being lied to all the time.”

Hypothetically, “if a think outside the box scientist working for the CDC discovered that COVID could be treated effectively by putting Mentholaid on your upper lip. Then ran down the hallways at the CDC yelling it was over… does anybody seriously think that the people managing this pandemic would let it end like that?”

Additionally, “the chances of you ever finding out about such a treatment would be very low.”

That’s because, Wilson asserts, “this isn’t about disease control, but rather people control.”

Secondly, “since it’s becoming apparent that our ruling elites are neither one; not know how to rule and not being at all elite – it’s time for us to acknowledge the obvious, fill up the streets and just say ‘no’.”

He offers the Berlin Wall as an anecdotal example, “The bad guys would build a bit and wait to see what happened. Nothing happened. So, a little more went up.”

Wilson’s father-in-law who served in Germany observed, “We could have saved ourselves a whole lot of grief if we’d have just sent bulldozers in at the very first sign of a wall.”

That didn’t happen. They waited and people paid the price for not acting when it counted.

“If you wait until the wall is built; with all the guards posted, then there is now way to send in the bulldozers without starting a war.”

Third, “make a scene.” Citing Hillel, Reagan and Kennedy, Wilson asks, “If not us, who? If not now, when?”

Sending a shot across the bow of ridiculous levels of censorship, overtly secretive governments, and lack of governmental transparency on COVID, Wilson argues, “If the Aussies are starting to kick [protest], it must be pretty bad…”

Wilson added, “How many times do they get to lie and still maintain credibility? The current health establishment is about as realistic as professional wrestling is.”

For example, PCR tests not being able to differentiate between COVID and the flu (which is unprecedently almost non-existent).

Fourth, understand that numbers are the bureaucrat’s love language.

Christians may seek an exemption appealing to religious alignment. There may be strong arguments for this, but having a strong argument “isn’t the same thing as having an argument that can get through to a bureaucrat.”

What will win is “a sufficient amount of people making this kind of argument”: “I am not your slave!”

“We ought,” said Wilson, “resist” by proclaiming “the liberties that pertain to us as free men. In Christ, we are free men.”

“Jesus is Lord, not Ceasar.”

This means, Wilson declared, “Ceasar does not get to determine what Christ has decided to give us.”

 “Ceasar is not the source of our liberties, Christ is.”

Wilson concludes: “Today’s Ceasars don’t know what to do with a comprehensive faith like the Christian that shapes and moulds slaves into free men.”

It’s genuinely bewildering that the only time some individuals and community leaders have spoken up during a time of crushing, unprecedented government overreach, is to protest against those protesting crushing, unprecedented government overreach.

Their opportunism is see-through; their selective outrage is being noted.

They need to repent and sigh with the wounded – walk with the bruised worker with as much solidarity as they afford to those hospitalised.

I’m flabbergasted, that pastors are among those manipulating people into early adoption of a medical treatment, without question, accompanied by peer pressure, emotional manipulation and a complete disregard for conscience, and informed consent.

If your loyalty to a leader is intact, and only intact because that leader claims to be a Christian, it’s time to rethink your Christianity.

Character and substance will forever trump appearances and reputation.

This isn’t smugness. It’s fair criticism. Not only of elected and unelected leaders abusing their office, but of banal believers who confuse loyalty to Christ, with loyalty to an ideology or Caesar. 

Augustine wrote, “If things which are of themselves good and right ‘lose lustre’ because of general disfavour, then the love of human praise itself should be ashamed, and yield place to the love of truth.” (City of God 5:14)

And so, I say to Christian leaders denouncing the freedom protests: Sigh with the wounded. Ditch the self-promotion.

Jesus’ ministry involved both exorcism and healing.

Walk with the worker unable to pay their bills, as much as the COVID patient stuck on a ventilator.

To quote Wilson, “Jesus is Lord, not Ceasar.”


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