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ABC ME is now introducing children to straight, white, male privilege

Indoctrinating children with radical Marxist ideologies seems to be high priority for the folks at the ABC. The national broadcaster has featured a segment on ABC ME designed to introduce children to, “The Privilege Bridge.

What is the Privilege Bridge? According to the clip, it’s “a metaphor for explaining how some people have advantages and opportunities granted to them just cos how they were born.” In short, Cultural Marxism.

In an article titled, Cultural Marxism Explained: The End of the West, we pointed out that “where Classical Marxism was concerned with class warfare between the wealthy and the working class, Cultural Marxism shifts the focus to the conflict between an oppressive, privileged majority, and an oppressed, under-privileged minority.”

Whether an individual is oppressed or an oppressor depends on certain aspects of that individual’s identity, such as gender, sexual orientation, family, race, culture, and religion. Heterosexuals, Cis-Gendered, Caucasian, and Christians are all groups which supposedly represent the oppressive, privileged majority.

The short video tells children that Australia is essentially unfair. That, whether or not a person is successful in life is largely due to the colour of their skin, their gender, and their sexuality. And that achievement has more to do with how a person is born, than how a person lives.

The clip features two fictional characters attempting to cross a stream. One character, described as a straight, white, middle-aged, male, receives a “free ride” to the other side of the stream due to the “advantage” and “unearned gifts” granted to him based on his skin colour, gender, and sexuality. The second character, on the other hand, a brown skinned, non-English speaking female, is forced to swim the length of the stream herself.

The video, which ironically includes a white female “white-splaining” privilege to an ignorant Asian woman, can be viewed below:

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