First drag club for children

According to the Daily Mail, a 10-year-old from Brooklyn, New York, is launching Haus of Amazing, the “first and only drag club for kids.” Desmond Napoles, whose drag name is, ‘Desmond the Amazing,’ claims to have been “doing drag since [he] was two years old.”

In an interview with Out, Desmond revealed: “Ever since day one… ever since I was able to walk, I used to take my mom’s towels and take her heels and clomp around the house. [I’d] put the towel on my head, wrap a towel around my body and walk the runway down my house.”

When Desmond was six, he started asking his parents for princess costumes or dresses when they were out shopping. After consulting a therapist, Desmond’s parents were advised to do nothing, and let Desmond explore and develop naturally.

In 2014 Desmond featured in the music video for drag-queen, Jinkx Monsoon’s, The Bacon Shake. The following year his appearance in Gay Pride NYC went viral, prompting his mother to set up a Facebook fan page.

The Daily Mail states: “Although he is an active member of the LGBTQ community, where he is involved in anti-bullying and suicide prevention (Desmond came out last year), his parents are emphatic that their son is not yet sexually active, and although he is an advocate for LGBTQ rights, he has not ‘reached the age where sexual relations are appropriate or discussed explicitly.'”

Desmond’s mother praised her son, as an inspiration to others. However, given the fact that gender-confusion holds a 45% or more attempted suicide rate, a child would have better odds surviving a round of Russian Roulette.

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