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Fathers are superfluous since same-sex marriage redefined family

An advertisement recently released by Huggies nappies features a baby boy and his two lesbian mothers. Noticeably absent from the scene is the child’s father. But why should that matter? The baby has two mothers, and one with a fairly masculine haircut, so what’s the issue?

What LGBTQ propaganda continues to imply is the superfluous nature of fathers and their replaceable role. There is nothing inherent or unique to being a father. There is nothing a father brings to the rearing of a child that a second mother couldn’t imitate.

There was always going to be a knock-on effect. You can’t redefine an important institution like marriage without it impacting on other areas of life. In order for the Cultural Marxist agenda to advance, every hindrance needs to dissolve, especially the concept of the nuclear family. Truly, nothing is sacred.


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