We told you they wanted more than marriage

Well, they certainly waste no time. The campaigning is over, so let your true rainbow colours shine! Karl Stefanovic and Alex Greenwich scold Cory Bernardi for wanting to preserve freedom:

Karl Stefanovic: So, you’re actually going to push ahead with that — with laws allowing wedding businesses to reject gay couples? You’re going to push ahead with that regardless of today’s result?

Cory Bernardi: I’m going to make sure that freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom of parental rights in education are upheld. That’s what everyone’s promised us… During the campaign they told us they would defend these things. This is why this has been a disingenuous campaign…

Alex Greenwich: We’re not going to go back, in Australia, to where you have a sign out front of the shop that says who you will serve and who you won’t serve.

Cory Bernardi: You’ve got to always try and improve whatever legislation is going forward. And this is —

Karl Stefanovic: Improve? According to who? The Australian people speak, they make their decision, and then you alter it?

Cory Bernardi: Karl, you enjoy freedoms… We’ve been repeatedly told that there would be no implications for people in this.

Karl Stefanovic: You’re upholding principle – and you’re also weakening discrimination laws.

Cory Bernardi: We’re making sure one person’s freedoms don’t trample over another person’s. This is what we’ve been reduced to now; we’ve reduced to a society with competing rights.

We’d hate to say we told you so, but… we did!

What’s next for the YES campaign?

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