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What’s next for the YES campaign?

It’s amazing how quickly the “YES Equality” advocates have turned into the exact opposite of what they supposedly professed. “NO Equality” is on the rise and I suspect, given their recent victory in the postal survey, campaigners will be looking for new battles to fight. In fact, we’re already beginning to witness it unfold. Just take a look at some of the material being pushed on social media. Magda Szubanski wants a marriage bill with #NoExemptions. That means, tolerance and acceptance are not enough. She demands participation, whether you like it or not.

This totalitarian mentality extends beyond the Twitterverse, as Mark Latham has warned:

Australians are beginning to find out that some individuals are more equal than others.

In particular, those who adhere to traditional Christian beliefs about marriage and sexuality are increasingly being discriminated against by politicians, businesses, schools and charitable organizations.

It seems equality is not so important once you get what you want.

In his piece over at the Daily Telegraph title, This is a dangerous time for Australia, Latham draws our attention to the events surrounding Margaret Court, adding:

Sometimes it is said there will be no persecution of Christians under SSM laws because only a small minority of gays are intolerant.

Please understand what has happened in Western Australia.

A state minister has endorsed a policy of excluding committed Christians from school sporting academies.

A precedent has been set for forcing out of the education system people who do not believe in homosexuality and SSM.

I’m reminded of George Orwell’s mantra, “Freedom is slavery.” Perhaps this would be a better slogan for the “YES Equality” crowd, who in true Orwellian fashion seem to think, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

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