Trump Sues Clinton & Co. Over “Russia, Russia, Russia” False Narrative

“This is a defiant reminder from the former President that he isn’t going anywhere, and the DNC, Hillary Clinton and company, are not going to get away scot-free.”

Donald Trump is suing Clinton and company in a high-powered response to the Clinton-backed Steele Dossier’s fake “collusion with Russia” narrative.

A multifaceted, 108 page, ‘Complaint for Damages and Demand for Trial by Jury’ singles out a long list of individuals said to have participated in what the document called, ‘an unthinkable plot, that shocks the nation, and is an affront to American democracy.’

The former President’s 16 count lawsuit alleges, that the Clinton Campaign and DNC ‘publicly maligned’ Trump, engaging in a ‘“mission” to “raise the alarm” about their contrived Trump-Russia link—repeatedly [feeding] disinformation to the media and shamelessly promoting their false narratives.’

Each count either directly or indirectly mentions Clinton, the Clinton campaign, and Clinton’s associates.

The repeated purpose of the lawsuit is remuneration ‘for damages, including Punitive damages, costs, and such further and other relief as the Court may deem just and proper.’

Included in the lawsuit’s contents is an interesting chronological presentation of events from Clinton’s candidacy in 2015 up to 2016, covering the specific “anti-Trump” inner workings of the DNC, DOJ and FBI in an apparent attempt to overthrow any Trump presidency.

For example:

“The Dossier was intended to not only harm Trump’s candidacy, but more importantly, it was fabricated to induce the FBI to commence an investigation into alleged ties between Russia and Donald J. Trump, the Trump Campaign, and the Trump Organization.”

News of Clinton’s fingerprints being found on the Steele Dossier broke in 2017.

The BBC reported at the time:

“Fusion GPS, based in Washington DC, was paid to dig up dirt on Mr Trump, who was then Mrs Clinton’s rival for the presidency. The intelligence firm subcontracted Christopher Steele, a former British spy who previously worked in Russia, to compile the research. Attributed to unnamed sources, it claimed that Mr Trump had colluded with Russian officials during the election campaign.”

Trump’s new legal manoeuvre against those behind the “Russia collusion narrative” states, the ‘debunked’,

“‘Steele Dossier,’ was riddled with misstatements, misrepresentations and, most of all, flat out lies.”

His lawyers continue:

“In truth, the Steele Dossier was largely based upon information provided to Steele by his primary sub-source, Igor Danchenko, who was subsequently indicted for falsifying his claims.”

‘Even more damning,’ they said, was that:

“Danchenko had close ties to senior Clinton Campaign official, Charles Halliday Dolan, Jr., who knowingly provided false information to Danchenko, who relayed it to Steele, who reported it in the Steele Dossier and eagerly fed the deceptions to both the media and the FBI. This duplicitous arrangement existed for a singular self-serving purpose – to discredit Donald J. Trump and his campaign.”

The Steele Dossier collusion hoax is the one smear still haunting Trump, and his potential Presidential re-run in 2024.

The lawsuit states, Trump has spent ‘no less than twenty-four million dollars ($24,000,000) defending himself against the ‘fraudulent scheme.’ As well as experiencing ‘the loss of existing and future business opportunities.’

Although Trump has been coy about having any desire to return to the White House. A legal win against the Steele Dossier Russia collusion hoax clears the runway of Democrat debris.

Such a legal victory is essential if the former President sets his sights towards Air Force One.

The detailed lawsuit shows that the former President of the United States isn’t mucking around.

This is a defiant reminder from the former President that he isn’t going anywhere, and the DNC, Hillary Clinton and company, are not going to get away scot-free.

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