Australian Communists Celebrate the Death of the Queen

“The mourners were interrupted by the Marxists unfurling a banner from the top of the university towers celebrating the death followed by chants of ‘Ding Dong the Witch is dead.'”

Far left thugs destroyed a memorial to the late Queen Elizabeth II last week after holding a “Thank God She’s Dead” pizza party nearby.

On September 9, only a day after the death of Australia’s beloved monarch, the University of Queensland branch of Socialist Alternative held an event to “Celebrate the death of parasite in chief” at the UQU pizza cafe.

Socialist Alternative is Australia’s largest communist group and sadly has an organised presence on most university campuses in the country.

While the reds celebrated the death of a great-grandmother, nearby at the UQ Great Court, a group of students including conservative activist Barclay McGain, were holding a vigil for the late Queen complete with flowers, candles and a portrait for those passing to pay their respects. Roughly 50-60 were reportedly in attendance.

The mourners were interrupted by the Marxists unfurling a banner from the top of the university towers celebrating the death followed by chants of “Ding Dong the Witch is dead”.

Shortly afterwards two masked attackers smashed the memorial before being chased away.

Socialist Alternative has had some interesting things to say in the wake of the Queen’s passing.

Tom Bramble, a Socialist Alternative activist and former Industrial Relations lecturer at UQ wrote in the Socialist Alternative newspaper Red Flag that the Queen was a “right royal parasite” and a “leech” and that “Social revolution is needed to eliminate these parasites and wastrels”.

Lovely people teaching in our unis these days.

Omar Hassan, a Socialist Alternative activist, former fixture at the University of Sydney and editor of the Socialist Alternative theoretical journal was more eloquent:

“Let us remember what these parasites really represent, and commit ourselves to fight for a world where kings and queens can only be found in graveyards and history books.”

Hey, I said eloquent, not imaginative!

Nahui Jimenez, a Socialist Alternative activist currently running for the seat of Brunswick in the upcoming Victorian State election was a tad more poetic in her hate:

“The Crown itself is woven through with blood-soaked histories and stolen wealth, annually paraded as the necklace of skulls that it is.”

Hey points for creativity Nahui, when it comes to extremists trying to revive the blood-soaked ideology of communism in Australia I think “necklace of skulls” might win some sort of originality award.

The rest of them are all so tiresomely pedestrian in their hate, their lines could have come verbatim out of some poorly photocopied anarchist pamphlet handed around at a badly attended punk gig in 1980s west London.

If it wasn’t for the fact that these actual parasites are dug into our taxpayer-funded university system they’d be safely ignored. But as the complete lack of consequences for the destruction of the UQ memorial show, sadly this isn’t the case.

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