Sniffer Dogs Trained To Detect People With COVID-19

Authorities in Australia could soon be using sniffer dogs to detect pre-symptomatic cases of C0VID-19.

Authorities in Australia could soon be using sniffer dogs to detect pre-symptomatic cases of C0VID-19.

Sniffer dogs are currently being trained to operate in Australian airports in hopes of monitoring incoming international passengers who may be infected with the virus.

The training is part of a collaborative project between Adelaide University, Australian Border Force, Biosecurity, emergency services and international partners.

According to the Canberra Times: “the dogs have been taught to recognise a specific odour in sweat samples and the aim is to use them alongside required PCR testing for international passengers from early next year.”

Adelaide University researcher Dr Susan Hazel said: “Once we can prove that it is working, that they could be used without other testing, they could be used for initial screening.”

While results need to be verified, Dr Hazel said the dogs had indicated a positive case after an initial PCR test showed a negative, the Times reported.

Coronavirus sniffer dogs are currently employed elsewhere around the world, including Helsinki-Vantaa Airport as part of a Finnish government-sponsored pilot program, along with multiple airports in the U.A.E.

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