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WATCH: Drag Queen teaches young children how to “stick your bum out” and “move your bum up and down”

Footage uploaded to social media shows an adult male dressed in drag, teaching young children “how to twerk”, by sticking their “bums out” and moving them “up and down.”

The video was reportedly taken at a Drag Queen Story Time event, a new trend where men dressed in drag read children’s books to young kids at local libraries and schools.

I mean, it’s just grown men, dressed as sexualised women, reading children’s stories to young kids, right? What could possibly go wrong?

When the man in the video asks his young audience if anyone knows how to “twerk”, he begins to offer a demonstration.

“I’ll show you on the side, so you get a better view of it,” he said. “You crouch down into this sort of position here, so your bums sticking out… Then you just move your bum up and down like that, and that’s twerking.”

How did society so rapidly get to the point of tolerating adult entertainers entertaining our kids?


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