Stop the Treaties: An Anti-Voice Political Party Launches in WA

“The fact is Aboriginal Australians have been robbed of their dignity through welfare dependency and by left-wing philosophy which has taught them to think of themselves as an oppressed class.”

Stop the Treaties, a new Western Australian Political Party, has launched hoping to gather support from the majority of West Australians who voted NO to enshrining a race-based leftist bureaucracy into the Australian constitution.

From their website:

Stop the Treaties is a West Australian political party aimed at protecting citizens from Marxist inspired activism pushing for bureaucratic control over WA land and property under the guise of indigenous rights and sovereignty.  We stand for a United Australia and object to race based treaties, reconciliation politics, taxes, fees and “pay the rent” schemes paid to the corporate aboriginal industrial complex.

According to the Australian Electoral Commission, 63.27% of West Australians voted No in the 2023 Voice Referendum.[1]  A significantly higher percentage of no votes were obtained from wheat-belt farming communities such as Northam (80.4%), Moora (80.91%) and Dowerin (87.31%).[2]  The small southern town of Duranillin boasted the largest percentage no vote at 93.1%.  In popular holiday towns like Jurien Bay on Perth’s northern coastline, 85.07% voted no.

Results in the inner-city were a little different.  Fremantle, WA’s metropolitan cultural hub had a yes vote of 62.99%.  Inner city suburbs in the division of Perth had a 54.36% Yes vote.

Commenting on this disparity, party co-founder James Peace stated:

It seems the further you move away from the inner city of Perth the more likely people were to vote No.   This is especially true in rural farming communities where lifestyles and incomes have a much greater connection to the land.  Folks in these communities saw through The Voice propaganda pushed by the Albanese government and left-wing activists.  They realized their “Voice” posed a serious threat to property rights as a precursor to treaties and other bureaucratic control mechanisms that could significantly impact land-owners.

This thinking was no doubt exacerbated by WA’s disastrous Aboriginal cultural heritage laws which required anyone with a property larger than 1100 square metres to obtain a permit from Local Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Services before making modifications to their properties such as installing fences or tree-planting.[3]  The scheme required land-owners to front up payments to aboriginal consultants to assess the permit.

Although the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2021 has now been repealed due to significant outcry – we are left asking: What is next on the agenda?

When asked why he wanted to start the Stop the Treaties Party, James said:

I recently visited the Northern Territory.  While in Uluru I was made to feel like a foreigner and unwelcome in my own country – it wasn’t a nice experience and I wondered what life would be like if left-wing activism under the guise of indigenous rights is allowed to continue unabated in this country.

Weeks later I helped an Aboriginal hitchhiker in need who stayed the weekend with my family.  She told us horrific stories of alcoholism, drug abuse and child sexual assault.  It became clear to me that her problems were not going to be solved by bigger government and more welfare.

The fact is Aboriginal Australians have been robbed of their dignity through welfare dependency and by left-wing philosophy which has taught them to think of themselves as an oppressed class.  They are told to feel like victims and enemies of their fellow citizens rather than a responsible people who have helped build our nation.

They are constantly put down by the left-wing who leverage and perpetuate this misfortune for their own benefit.  Marxist inspired philosophy will never “close the gap” because its claims for more money and political power is based on maintaining this divide.  As a Christian I wanted to help put a stop to this kind of ideological and spiritual abuse.

After campaigning for NO, I was impressed by how many Australians were not deceived by the emotional bullying coming from the Yes side.  Australians clearly want equality under the law.  We must consolidate from this win and continue to fight which is why we have launched our “No Means No” campaign.

Stop the Treaties Party urgently needs 500 registered members in WA by February to run for the next state election.  To help, visit the website and sign up as a member:




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