Year in Review: Rod Lampard’s Top 10 Articles From 2020

Here are 10 of my most popular Caldron Pool articles from 2020.

Here are 10 of my most popular Caldron Pool articles from 2020.

I’m pleased to say it wasn’t an inactive year. If you have a favourite and it’s not listed, drop the link in the comments.

Thanks for sticking around.

Top 10:

10. The SAS Inquiry Applauded by Radical Leftist Jihadists Burns the 99% for the Sins of a Few

9. Fact Check: No, Indigenous Australians Do Not Makeup 82% of Australia’s Prison Population

8. Justine Damond and Media Spin: Constructing a Racist Narrative in the Name of Fighting Racism

7. White BLM Activist Tells Black Immigrant Doctor: “I’m More Black Than You”

6. Appeasement of the Chinese Communist Party Is Treason

5. “Keeping Quiet” About Chinese Communist Interference, Isn’t a Solution, It’s a Policy of Surrender

4. Robert F Kennedy Jnr: ‘Bill Gates is at the Tip of the Spear of Globalist Imperialism’

3. China Rewarded With a Seat on UN Human Rights Advisory Panel

2. Mark Latham Says Political Indoctrination of School Kids Has to End

1. UN Religion Expert wants Christians to submit to LGBTQ and abortion activists

Five special mentions:

5. Don’t fall for the anti-fascist disguise. Antifa is proof that left-wing extremism is on the rise.

4. The CCP’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ Debt Slaves Help Genocidal Chinese Communists Hide Human Rights Abuses

3. Where Was Five-Year-Old Cannon Hinnant’s ‘White Privilege’?

2. ‘The Great Awokening’: Culture Shock, Cultural Marxism and the Weaponization of the Middle-Class

1. Where Civil Rights Are Exalted Over Civil Liberties, Hell on Earth Is Sure to Follow

Thanks for supporting Caldron Pool writers throughout 2020. Let’s pray together for an even stronger 2021.

In the words of Charles Spurgeon, “Oh, to grace how great a debtor, Daily I’m constrained to be! Let that grace, Lord, like a fetter, Bind my wandering heart to thee.” – The Martyr & The Chain, Puritan’s Garden.

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