Australian Tennis Legend: “Government Doctors Are on the Payroll, Be Wary of What They Preach”

“I do my research. I’m not having a politician or TV doctor who’s on the payroll tell me what I should and shouldn’t be doing with my health,” said tennis legend, Pat Cash.

In an August interview with TCW TV, Australian Tennis legend, Pat Cash told TCW’s Kathy Gyngell, he won’t be told by politicians, or their TV doctors what to do with his health.

The (rebel) Australian Tennis superstar, “health-nut”, and coach, gave a biographical rundown of his life, career and family.

During the 40-minute session, Cash also ‘defended freedom’ and questioned the legitimacy of health deteriorating public health orders, such as mandatory vaccinations.

Discussing media coverage of Wuhan-COVID-19, he said, “I gotta be honest with you. From day one I thought this doesn’t add up. Being in the media, I know what it’s like – let me be polite and say – there’s an element of flexibility with the truth.”

Cash in classical Australian style unpacked how he wasn’t “buying into the fear of it all.”

Stating, “I just didn’t buy into what was being told to me.”

He also told Gyngell, that he’s been “taking Ivermectin since last year and that it works.”

Providing an insight into the inner workings of the global Tennis scene, Cash was critical of the COVID tests, as much as he was sceptical about lockdowns which extended beyond two weeks.

Cash said, “we know the test don’t work, and [extended] lockdowns are a bit weird.”

On a personal note, he revealed that his otherwise healthy and independent, 89-year-old mother had been pressured into taking the Covid vax.

This resulted in four strokes, a heart attack, and Cash’s mother going into assisted living.

When Cash asked her to report the adverse effects, she said there was no point, because no one is listening.

The tennis superstar maintained, “I don’t want to be fed any more BS by the mainstream media and the lies from the politicians. I just don’t want young, healthy athletes taking something that could do long term damage to them for no reason.”

Fired up, Cash told Gyngell, “I’m allowed to feel angry about this; I’ve also earned the right, being a health-nut, on the circuit and a pro-player for 40 years. I have the right to question what is going on.”

“Just give me the fair and balanced arguments,” he said, adding, “I haven’t seen one (I mean we haven’t seen one) good debate between the top independent scientists and so-called government scientists. Let’s have a good debate! Let the whole nation tune in.”

The sports legend clarified, he’s researched the issues and taken advice from top independent scientists.

As a general “rule of thumb”, he said, “anybody that is going to be on the payroll of pharma, or government, I don’t bother listening to.”

Talking CCP-19 vaccines, Cash explained, “we don’t know how safe they are because the trials are very short, very compressed, and involve small numbers of people.”

The lack of data on the “vaccines” prompt a rethink of the “safe and effective” narrative.

His interviewer equated vaccine mandates as being the same as “holding people hostage.”

Cash appeared to agree, telling Gyngell, we need to wait for more data, stating “concerns are echoed by independent scientists, not the government ones [with an agenda]. There’s too many red flags.”

He said, “What really p*** me off is when I’ve spent a lifetime looking after my body and my mental well-being, [then] some politician jumps up on some TV – some morning TV doctor jumps up – and says you’re selfish, you’ve got blood on your hands.”

For the like-minded haters and sycophants joined to the hip of Australian bourgeois leftist, and Twitterati celebrity, Peter Fitzsimmons, Cash qualified his comments with: “I’m not saying vax, or don’t vax. I’m saying make up your own mind based on the facts.”

He concluded the interview by stating, “I do my research. I’m not having a politician or TV doctor who’s on the payroll tell me what I should and shouldn’t be doing with my health.”

Airing sympathy for Australians, he added, “What’s going on in Australia breaks my heart. Everybody’s had their will and their heart broken. It’s very frustrating. In our national anthem in the first paragraph, it says “we are young and free,” – we are not free anymore, and that is absolutely clear. They are locking down.”

Cash finished by positing, “to think we have a free society anywhere for that matter is questionable.”

He topped this off, advising people to, “Keep their eyes open and [their] head out of the sand; I think just watch what’s going on, and don’t panic. That’s my message. Don’t accept the fear and look after yourself. Stay healthy.”

Should YouTube ban the video, Cash’s TCW interview is also available on Bitchute.


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