Public Health Orders Are Creating a Public Health Crisis

If you wouldn’t support businesses demanding that those with HIV not enter their stores, don’t support “no shot, no shop”.

The nonsensical New South Wales regional lockdown is being extended until September 10.

Deputy Premier John Barilaro’s reasons were due to the government wanting to protect people and not overload the healthcare system in what he said was a “tinderbox ready to explode.”

Hyping up the panic, deputy prison warden Barilaro — who, like NSW health minister, Brad “health” Hazzard — hyped up the emergency rhetoric claiming that New South Wales “sat on a knife-edge.”

Barilaro gave a smug, back-handed apology to country towns who have zero COVID cases and hospitalisations, telling regional areas, in sum:

“I do apologise”, but you don’t have cases because the lockdown is “working.”

The contempt and self-aggrandisement couldn’t be more obvious.

This isn’t surprising.

NSW Minister for Health, Brad Hazzard, along with Barilaro, are the likely masterminds behind lockdowns.

In early August The ABC exposed Hazzard’s refusal to ‘publicly release documents to a parliamentary inquiry into the Greater Sydney lockdowns, detailing the COVID-19 advice connected to chief health officer Dr Kerry Chant.’

Rani Hayman, writing for the ABC said that Hazzard had interrupted Chant to criticise the committee chair, Greens MP David Shoebridge, for “asking questions which you just aimed to have a go.”

The State government’s justification for lockdown extensions in areas without COVID cases, or hospitalisations, appears to be more about politics, than science.

They can’t mandate medical conscription for constitutional reasons so they’re beating you with a big stick until you submit.

Notice how COVID-19 hasn’t stopped the Taliban from taking over Afghanistan, but “it’s” stopping us from going to the shops, visiting with family, being outdoors, and generally living.

At what point do we stop and call the current COVID-19 paradigm, the monstrous spawn of demons that it is?

Such as the COVID-19 vaccination of children.

ABC journalist, Leigh Sales has reported: “…of 170 kids [the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne has] seen with covid, none has been seriously ill and none has had lasting symptoms. Vax of the young is mostly to prevent transmission.”

Lock-in the reasoning: “mostly to prevent transmission.”

When those who are covaxxed are still transmitters, and the long-term effects of allegedly “safe and effective” COVID-19 vaccines are unknown, forcing the vaccine into children is downright criminal.

Public health orders are creating a public health crisis.

One reader told Caldron Pool they’ve never seen the high levels of calls to suicide prevention hotlines:

“It’s heavy. I’ve never seen anything like the numbers of desperate people reaching out for a reason to hold on, to find some hope that this will end before they end themselves.”

Another reader told us that one HSC student, who is normally well-balanced has been hit hard by rash and reckless government policies creating instability and uncertainty.

It’s these kinds of examples that’s lead Australian Christian Lobby director, Martyn Iles to call the “COVID Zero” obsession with lockdowns “immoral.”

Iles wrote:

“We are wreaking destruction on lives, livelihoods, democracy, the economy, and the future […] 3,345 suicidal people called LifeLine in one day this week – another record. Our children simply won’t be able to pay back the debt levels. Many small businesses are finished – government handouts cannot repair their damaged fundamentals, built up over years.”

These adverse effects of nonsensical lockdowns are not rare.

As Caldron Pool illustrated in mid-August: the reported side effects of lockdowns are not anomalies.

If public health orders were not creating a public health crisis, why did the New South Wales government put its Chief Psychiatrist Dr Murray Wright on camera this week, awkwardly telling people:

“It’s really important to reach out to people and ask them how they’re coping with these challenges.”

I wonder what Chief Psychiatrist Dr Murray Wright makes of governments saying “support your neighbours.” Then with the same fresh ink, they’re ordering people to “dob in their neighbours.”

If public health orders were not creating a public health crisis, why is an “Abuse is No Excuse” social media campaign being run by the NSW police force?

NSW Police have inadvertently acknowledged that an increase in domestic violence is connected to current public health orders.

Further cementing my point, Sydney Morning Herald contributor, and anti-informed consent, pro-COVID-19 vaxxer, Peter FitzSimons dished up a “high and mighty” thrashing of Pat Cash’s recent statements about COVID-19 vaccinations and Ivermectin.

In an interview with TCW TV, Cash said he won’t be told by politicians, or their TV doctors what to do with his health.

The Australia Tennis superstar, and health guru, questioned the legitimacy of health deteriorating public health orders, such as mandatory vaccinations.

Adding, that he’s been taking Ivermectin since last year and that it works.

Cash revealed that his otherwise healthy and independent, 89-year-old mother had been pressured into taking the Covid vax.

This resulted in four strokes, a heart attack, and Cash’s mother going into assisted living.

When Cash asked her to report the adverse effects, she said there was no point, because no one is listening.

Instead of sighing with the wounded, in solidarity with Pat Cash, FitzSimons chose vulgar, and insipid self-promotion.

He defamed the Australian sporting legend.

First, labelling Cash a “nutter,” then hypocritically calling Cash’s well-reasoned arguments a “dangerous rant.”

This was despite Cash stating that he’s talked to independent scientists, and researched the matter.

FitzSimons didn’t seem to care about these facts.

He chose instead to elevate himself by falsely accusing Cash of “rejecting medical science.”

By doing so, “Fitzy” confirmed that, if FitzSimons is selling it, people would do well to steer clear of it.

The “truly embarrassing twaddle,” wasn’t from Cash. It was FitzSimons filling the shoes of a COVID cult propagandist, whose vicious hypocritical rant The Sydney Morning Herald should be held in contempt for publishing.

For those cheering on the Sydney Morning Herald’s COVID kid Kool-Aid extraordinaire, lockdowns, “vaccine passports” and mandatory COVID vaccinations:

If you wouldn’t support businesses demanding that those with HIV not enter their stores, don’t support “no shot, no shop”.

If you wouldn’t support businesses refusing to employ those with HIV, don’t support “no jab, no job”.

You can’t have it both ways.

You can’t discriminate against one group of people, on the basis of their private medical history, yet embrace the other.

It would seem that “we’re not all in this together” after all.

To quote, Martyn Iles,

“We are giving up total authoritarian power to people who despise what we believe. Compassion is dead, with callous disregard for those mourning and torn apart.”

Janet Albrechtsen, columnist for The Australian is right, “’We’re in this together’ will turn out to be the biggest fraud of all about this pandemic.”

Public health orders are creating a public health crisis.

There is no justification for squashing civil liberties or suspending civil rights.

Informed consent matters.

End the lockdowns. End the abuse of power.

Give up the COVID charades and give the people back their freedoms.

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