China Rewarded With a Seat on UN Human Rights Advisory Panel

As we’ve seen in recent weeks, the Australian Greens, the American Democrats, Extinction Rebellion and the Chinese Communist regime have attached their self-proclaimed sinless benevolence to the coronavirus crisis. Ignoring the fact that they waved dim-witted “you can’t do that, it’s racist” flags all over the media in response to early anti-coronavirus measures, sharp-witted governments put in place to stop the coronavirus. False accusations of racism which targeted travel bans top this list.

Comparing the devastating toll in Italy with the relatively low impact of COVID-19 on Japan’s population, Mark Powell was right to note that Italy was invaded, and overcome by the virus, because ‘identity politics trumped common sense’. Italians were told to physically embrace Chinese people in a public relations anti-racism stunt, as the coronavirus was exploding.

The only crisis Leftists saw in February was the “white supremacy crisis” they continue to tell us is at pandemic levels. This was demonstrated by the words and deeds of American Democrat speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Australia’s Labor leader, Anthony Albanese, Greens leader Adam Bandt, Australian Universities and others.

The unfolding coronavirus pandemic wasn’t even a blip on their radar. Revealing just how much some on the left, which is currently dominated by the radicalism of Leftists, are blinded by a proton-pseudo. A psychological ailment, related to insecurity and fear. It imagines oppression, discrimination, and racism where none actually exists.

No one’s disputing the existence of the sin of racism. What are in dispute are the false flags, subsequent witch hunts and consequences thereof. Powel is right: ‘progressive politicians who—under the guise of combating racism—unwittingly facilitated the virus spreading throughout the entire Italian population.’ [i]

The coronavirus rode on the back of the Left’s proton pseudos conditioning. Italy’s high infection rate was encouraged by an irrational phobia of racism. Virtue signalling progressive ideology now sits at the top of key contributing factors in how the coronavirus was able to run its bony, cold fingers through the Italian people.

Recall the scene in Roland Emmerich’s 1996 film, ‘Independence Day’, where some inner-city residents gather on a building under a hostile, hovering spacecraft. Poster placards saying “Welcome” are waved all about. Then with shouts of ‘they’re opening up to us’, the maneuvering spacecraft ignites a green, luminescent blast, pierces the building, splinters it into pieces, and dissolves well-meaning liberals in the process.

Mass panic, suspicion and paranoia have jumped from the pages of ‘War of the World’s’, and Orwell’s ‘1984’ into the present. The theoretical authoritarian threat to lives and livelihoods went from being a near and present danger to a costly reality.

In the coronavirus context: different alien; same politics, same kinds of people, similar extinction-level event – similar kind of hell unleashed on the earth.

And yet, these same well-meaning “geniuses” who saw a racist pandemic, where others saw a global health emergency, don’t seem to have learned anything from their mistakes. Instead of holding the Chinese communist party accountable, the United Nations have given them a promotion.

According to The Daily Wire, ‘Communist China was [just] appointed to a United Nations Human Rights Council panel called the Consultative Group, a panel that will choose some of the U.N.’s human rights investigators.’

Hillel Neuer, executive director of Geneva-based, UN Watch, called the appointment ‘absurd and immoral’, asserting that ‘allowing China’s oppressive and inhumane regime to choose the world investigators on freedom of speech, arbitrary detention and enforced disappearances is like making a pyromaniac into the town fire chief.’

Neuer added:

As the world is suffering from the deadly coronavirus pandemic that spread like wildfire in Wuhan while China silenced doctors, journalists and other citizens who tried to sound the alarm, by what logic can the Beijing regime be involved in choosing the UN’s next global monitor on the right to health?

This is absurd, and China’s appointment threatens to undermine the credibility of the UN’s highest human rights body—which already counts Venezuela, Pakistan, Eritrea and Qatar among its elected members—and is liable to cast a shadow upon the United Nations as a whole.

Just like the Chinese Communist regime, Leftism is a self-righteous entity allowed to exist without accountability. Almost everywhere economies are in hibernation, lives and livelihoods are threatened. There are largely leftist government-run, geographic hotspots where the coronavirus has taken its greatest toll, and the Chinese Communist regime continues to deny any responsibility. Rewarding the Chinese Communist regime with a seat on a UN Human Rights advisory panel is as dangerous as the irrational fear of racism that contributed to the devastation in Italy.

This is why the U.N. is continuing to lose its credibility. With this appointment, the U.N. seems more than happy to kill off what’s left of its relevance. The Communist Chinese regime has effectively put the world under house arrest. It has falsely accused other nations of creating the devastation, and it has thrown itself in league with Leftists on every continent, distracting the world from its culpability by crying wolf about racism. The last thing we need to be giving this regime, and those in the West who, through accommodation and appeasement, align with it, is an increase in power.

[i] Powell, M. 2020. Italy and #CoronaRacism Caldron Pool, sourced, 5th April 2020

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