Executed Trump Supporter: A Victim of the Left’s Anti-Trump, Hate Narrative

Aaron Jay Danielson’s murder, at the hands of an as yet unknown assailant, in Portland on the weekend was met with suspicion, not sympathy from the Left and mainstream media.

Aaron Jay Danielson’s murder, at the hands of an as yet unknown assailant, in Portland on the weekend was met with suspicion, not sympathy from the Left and mainstream media.

The “they don’t fit the narrative” reaction follows the same indifference shown to murder victims, David Dorn retired black police chief, 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant, and Bernell Trammell, a 59-year-old black Trump supporter executed in broad daylight, at his business in July.

Details about Danielson’s death were widely misreported on social media. Some of it spawned by the one-tone conduit of the Left’s pro-anything-that-attacks-Donald-Trump, online echo chambers.

As Andy Ngo outlined on his Twitter feed, Antifa activists and Leftist journalists initially tried to claim the shooting victim was black, and the assailant a “fascist.” This social media narrative soon switched to “white supremacist” after Danielson was linked to Libertarian, pro-Trump, pro-America, counter-anarchist group, Patriot Prayer.

Mainstream media headlines shift between “white supremacist”, “far-right” or “right-wing”, most leaning on an increasingly apparent mythos that Danielson was a supporter of a “white supremacist” organization, and by association, therefore a “white supremacist.”

Headlines, and most media content, failed to mention Leftist (Antifa-BLM) mob violence which harassed the Pro-Trump “caravan” (read: car parade) that had moved through Portland that day. Neither did they report on Antifa’s history of violent harassment of Patriot Prayer supporters.

Though Patriot Prayer is not listed as a “hate group” by the well-funded far-Left activist organization,  Southern Poverty Law Center, the group is on SPLC’s “hate-watch” list. Adding fuel to the white supremacist narrative.

The white supremacist tag also derives from Antifa backed politicians such as Nancy Pelosi who, in 2017, ‘unfairly’ labelled Patriot Prayer’s gathering in support of free speech in San Francisco as a gathering of “Nazis” and “white nationalists.”

Overall, there doesn’t appear to be any real evidence to support Pelosi’s 2017 claims or the current media narrative.

Patriot Prayer began as a counter-movement to bad government, and radical Leftism.

According to founder Joey Gibson, the group ‘is about fighting corruption, big government, and tyranny, using God for strength and the power of love, and prayer to fight the corruption both in the government and citizen levels that seek to gain power through division and deception.’ described Patriot Prayer as loosely organized, existing to ‘challenge anarchists, antifascists and [“]social justice[”] protesters. Gibson has publicly denounced racism, white supremacy, up to ejecting members who hold to [ethno-nationalist] racist beliefs.’

Additionally, Gibson told KTVU news in August 2017 that he was Japanese, identifies as a Christian, and says he’s neither a conservative or a progressive.

He also told KTVU that KKK, and neo-Nazis weren’t welcome at Patriot Prayer events, noting, however, that ‘extremists try to show up’ on both sides to rallies.

“There’s a lot of liberals who peacefully protest all the time and it’s awesome, and then you have these anarchists or Antifa who show up and hijack their message and commit violence and burn things down. Those anarchists don’t represent the liberals that are peacefully marching down the street.” (KTVU)

What this all suggests is that the Leftist propaganda apparatus is attempting to use the execution of Aaron Jay Danielson to resurrect images of Charlottesville.

All for the benefit of Leftist Democrats, who, instead of calling out the violent leftist hordes rampaging through both black, and white communities in Democrat run cities, are refocusing the political narrative, so as to shift the blame for the violence onto President Donald Trump.

This steers attention away from the victims of rabid Leftist street violence, and the weakness of Democrat leaders in these cities, who have failed to effectively respond to that violence.

What this also suggests is that smear campaigns of harmless Trump supporting groups and individuals are part of a larger political attack on Donald Trump’s reelection chances. Suggesting that hate is being weaponized by Leftists in order to secure the White House for Democrat Presidential hopeful due, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Context matters.

Democrat leaders refusing to do their jobs by not lawfully utilizing the national guard, in addition to rejecting federal help (for fear that help might make Trump look good), is, as acting Homeland Security director Chad Wolf stated, “fostering an environment of lawlessness and chaos.”

The fact leading Democrats are trying to shift the blame for Portland etc. onto Donald Trump, when they’re on record for inciting the public to violence (since 2016), would have to be the greatest political abdication of responsibility in U.S history.

More heartbreaking still, the contrast in public sympathy, and outrage for the deaths of Danielson, Dorn, Hinnant, Trammell, Justine Damond, and victims of black on black crime, when compared to that of George Floyd, and Jacob Blake, display a hypocritical trend that raises up one tragedy, while it simultaneously diminishes the other because the individual “doesn’t fit the narrative.”

The jaw dropping conclusion from all of this is that Democrat reliance on the white supremacist smear, strongly suggests that far-left Democrats need a white supremacist crisis in order to win the White House.

That was the guilt politics in play in 2012. It’s the one played out over, and over again since 2016, and it’s the one being played out again now.

It’s a ROTE, ad nauseam, manipulative “you are who the Left says you are” sales pitch that should alarm even the most steadfast of Democrat voters.

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