Biden Declares Propagandized Pandemic Over as COVID Crazy Continues

“If the Bureaucratic caste can milk the manufactured side of the COVID crisis for all its worth, what’s stopping them from squeezing as much political profit from a ‘Climate Crisis’ smelted in the same fires and forged on the same conveyor belt of forced consensus, doom and gloom?”

The continuing madness of illogical mandates, and draconian diktats irreconcilable with clear scientific data, proves that the CCP-19 mantra, “follow the science” was really about following the prescribed political propaganda.

There were always two sides to COVID-19: the virus crisis and the crisis manufactured by bureaucrats for the cameras.

Despite proven scientific evidence on responsible personal hygiene, and self-care in preventing the spread, and severity of COVID – such as handwashing, diet and exercise – through carefully scripted manipulative propaganda, governments conditioned billions to believe being locked down, locked out, and injected with an experimental “vaccine” was best for their health.

Most governments – Sweden and Taiwan are the exemptions – took a bat to a wound that required the use of a scalpel.

Malicious governments even succeeded in making the populace believe that they were being benevolent by handing back civil liberties, which they had stolen, or hijacked, complete with threat to liberty, life, and livelihood for those who refused to comply.

For the first time this century an overreaching, bloated bureaucracy was able to blind billions. Then profit from fear and faux altruism, while the majority happily fell in, lined up, goosestepped in unison, and saluted the decent into safetyism hell.

Despite legacy media surrendering its platform from which bureaucrats could liberally apply the prescribed political propaganda, they now appear to be offering an antidote to it.

In a NY Post criticism of COVID overreaction, contributor Karol Markowicz, wrote an article headlined: ‘Continuing COVID craziness shows it was never about the science.’

Markowicz rightly argued that the contradictory nature of many mandates negated alleged scientific reasons for those mandates.

For instance, Trudeaun Canada killing off ‘freedom-loving ideals,’ by putting the unvaccinated behind a ‘frozen curtain, made no sense,’ when the ‘vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission,’ she said.

Markowicz added, if you’re looking for a more blatant example, move down to the United States and Latin American borders:

‘No foreigner may enter the United States without being fully vaccinated. Unless, of course, they walk across our border.”

Further, unvaccinated children in New York can attend school, they cannot play sports, and ‘unvaccinated parents cannot enter school buildings, including parents of special needs kids – all in the name of health.

This coincides, the NY Post contributor said, with New York’s Department of Education firing another 850 teachers and teacher’s aides for practicing informed consent and refusing the CCP-19 vax.

Hence, Markowicz concludes, “If you’re looking for consistency in COVID-19 policies, you can stop right now. None of it has ever made sense. The fractured trust between Americans and our institutions will be immeasurable. And the damage continues.”

Even the woke White House is beginning to distance itself from the mind virus it helped spread.

In an interview with 60 minutes this week, Joe Biden declared the pandemic over, although, Build Back Better Biden cautioned, “the United States still has a problem with COVID.”

This caution signals a reluctance to let go.

Biden’s new position on COVID follows comments in March where the “burn-it-all down, fiery, but mostly peaceful” president, stated that the pandemic was far from over while appealing to legislators for more money to fight the Communist Chinese Virus.

The pandemic may be over. Yet, the fear, control and faux altruism, which is still largely benefiting the gluttonous bureaucracy remains. As Markowicz said, ‘the damage is done.’

Political profit is why they’ll simply shift gears, applying what they’ve learned from COVID to Climate catastrophism.

This makes COVID-19 totalitarianism make sense, and it’ll make the COVID version of communism, seem like a walk in the park by comparison.

If the Bureaucratic caste can milk the manufactured side of the COVID crisis for all its worth, what’s stopping them from squeezing as much political profit from a “Climate Crisis” smelted in the same fires and forged on the same conveyor belt of forced consensus, doom and gloom?

The antidote to this new mind virus is an awakened public heeding the countless lessons COVID-era governance teaches us.

The many have to be prepared to actually follow the science, not the manufactured consensus, in order to counter the prescribed political propaganda from the few.

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