Why Did Australian Communists Protest Jordan Peterson?

“Whether they’re harassing Prime Ministers, professors or ordinary people the aim is the same. To bully anyone who disagrees with their absurdly extreme worldview into silence.”

Activists from Australia’s largest communist group organised a protest outside the Sydney event of Canadian philosopher and author Jordan Peterson on Saturday night.

The protest held outside the Aware Super Theatre where Peterson was speaking was organised by Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (CARF), a front group for Australia’s largest revolutionary Marxist organisation Socialist Alternative.

Socialist Alternative were founded in 1995 as a Melbourne split from the older International Socialist Organisation and are now the largest group on the Australian extreme-left, especially on university campuses. They describe themselves as a revolutionary Marxist “propaganda group” and have a reputation on the left, especially amongst former members, of being cult-like.

Lots of trees die for every socialist protest. Source: Reddit

Socialist Alternative organised the attempt to violently storm the Sydney CPAC conference and the harassment of former PM Malcolm Turnbull at the University of Sydney. They led Australian flag-burning marches and organised mobs to attack pro-life events.

A Socialist Alternative activist from UNSW Shovan Bhattari chaired the anti-Peterson protest and seemed particularly annoyed by the Kermit voiced Canadian, stating:

“I think that what’s offensive is the language that’s being used in there by people like Jordan Peterson. These bigots say that ordinary people, women, LGBTQI+ people, the oppressed are scum and have no place in society, and I think that we are totally right to oppose those views in whatever language we please”.

Shovan Bhattari screams into a megaphone in front of red flag. Source: Facebook

Socialist Alternative activist and USyd’s incoming “Global Solidarity Officer” (lol) Deaglan Godwin went on a little bit of a rant, declaring his intention to:

“Rebuild a political culture which drives these people off the streets whether they’re protesting against lockdowns, against trans rights and abortion rights… Our collective power to fight back against the far-right and fight back against the mainstream right and political establishment whenever they go against the rights of the oppressed or the exploited.”

Source: Facebook

Deaglan is perhaps best known for screaming in the face of former PM Malcolm Turnbull and leading the small mob of Socialist Alternative activists that drove him out of the University of Sydney in September. On that giggle-worthy occasion Deaglan declared (via megaphone one assumes):

“We will never let a former Liberal Prime Minister come here on campus and speak to students”.

Deaglan Godwin yelling at people with a megaphone. Source Honi Soit

Apparently this applies to former Liberal Ministers as well since in August this year Deaglan organised a mob of Marxists to storm a lecture hall where former Liberal Treasurer Joe Hockey was a guest at the University of Sydney’s Open Day.

Owen Marsden-Readford (yet another Socialist Alternative activist) also had a bit of a rant, condemning Peterson’s “far-right politics” and stating that:

“The far-right want to make our system less democratic, worse for women, worse for working class people. Every single instance of oppression is something that Jordan Peterson celebrates”.

Which seems a little bit over the top. Not sure Professor Peterson celebrates children getting poisoned in the Congo while mining the minerals needed for electric car batteries, but maybe he’s just busy. Lot on his plate with all the sold out speaking tours.

Owen Marsden-Readford looking healthy. Source: Sydney Criminal Lawyers

Owen is of course a spokesman for Campaign Against Racism and Fascism, Community Action for Rainbow Rights, the Education Action group, Left Action Against Racism and a half dozen other Socialist Alternative fronts. Owen is a busy boy, but he’s perhaps best known for organising the charge of the flailing spaghetti-armed soy-stained socialists who attempted to storm the Sydney Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this year.

So why did activists with Australia’s largest communist group protest Jordan Peterson? Because they protest everything they disagree with, often with violence but always with bad chants and a perpetually perplexing unearned sense of moral superiority.

Because whether they’re harassing Prime Ministers, professors or ordinary people the aim is the same. To bully anyone who disagrees with their absurdly extreme worldview into silence. They aren’t hoping to do that to Peterson (although they’d like to) but more to warn any potential Australian version to keep their heads down.

They’re the stormtroopers of the system and they’d be nothing without it. Deep down perhaps they know that. It would explain all the hysterical screaming.

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