Lidia Thorpe Humiliated by Alex Antic 

“Someone who can deny the legitimacy of the Senate while continuing to sit in it and take a pay check clearly has some super-special level of logic that us poor plebs have yet to approach.”

Liberal Party Senator Alex Antic absolutely humiliated Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe in the Senate on Wednesday and my, wasn’t it beautiful.

For those who have been despairing of a Liberal Party that seems to be listening more to the ABC than to the Quiet Australians, and whose leader Peter Dutton seems to have transformed from a righty firebrand to a damp cardboard cut-out in a badly fitting suit, Senator Alex Antic has been a bit of fresh air.

The Serbian descended slightly spunky Senator from South Australia has been making the sorts of speeches to warm the hearts of patriots and trigger the left on the regular. He’s defended Australia Day, denounced government overreach on quarantine, and made eloquent speeches against cultural Marxism and the teaching of Critical Race Theory in schools. 

It was this last point that so enraged the perpetually pouting Senator Thorpe on Wednesday that she made even more of a fool of herself than usual (which is of course saying something).

Senator Antic was in good form, speaking on the infiltration of corrosive leftism into Western society in general and into our education systems in particular. it’s a rather good speech so read it all on the Parliament website here

Here’s the part that set the vitriolic Senator from Victoria off:

Senator Antic: “The relative prosperity and peace we’ve enjoyed have allowed us to become complacent, thinking that such a decline couldn’t happen here, but the time has come for our leaders to stand up for what is right. Without urgent, strong leadership the West is doomed.”

Senator Thorpe: “Why do you have to be so racist?”

Apparently warning that the West is in decline is racist now? It’s hard to get into the mind of Ms Thorpe. Someone who can deny the legitimacy of the Senate while continuing to sit in it and take a paycheck clearly has some super-special level of logic that us poor plebs have yet to approach.

Fortunately, Senator James McGrath (one of the few other coalition Senators not made out of damp cardboard) jumped in to point out that yelling out insults at another Senator while they’re speaking is against Senate rules.

Ms Thorpe hit the roof (figuratively, if you’re reading this Lidia). Squealing and wriggling, refusing to withdraw her insult and claiming that Senator Antic was somehow making the Senate an unsafe work environment by saying things she disagreed with.

Senator Mehreen Faruqi then leapt in to defend her fellow Green. It was Faruqi of course whose son Osman memorably tweeted the below message in 2017 and who has this year been appointed Culture Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

Senator Faruqi then declared that unnamed people were “throwing racism” around the Senate chamber. Well, I guess she’s the one with the expert in the family (shrug).

Lidia continued to try and wriggle out of withdrawing until she was eventually forced to do so. You can see the withdrawal as well the rest of these events posted on Alex Antic’s Facebook page. Every word forced out from between gritted teeth. Delicious!

Lidia then stormed out in a huff and published a furious press release saying

“This parliament punishes Blak women for calling out racism, yet there are no consequences for being racist in the Senate Chamber. I am not safe in this workplace.”

“If I didn’t withdraw, I could have been kicked out of the Chamber for a day and The Greens would be down a vote. They cut off my microphone and told me to withdraw my comment. How is that creating a workplace where everyone is ‘safe and welcome to contribute’?!

“It’s ‘unparliamentary’ to call out racism, but not unparliamentary to be racist. Racism is a disease in this Country. It’s violent and literally makes people sick. We need an anti-racist code of conduct for MP’s to be accelerated and implemented to stop this from happening in the first place.”

For those who can’t be bothered reading the tripe that spouts from Ms Thorpe’s disordered mind, in short, she’s essentially saying that as a “Blak” woman she should have a veto over everything said in the Senate in the name of racism.

Thorpe’s media friends are usually eager to publish her childish outbursts but have been a little bit quiet on this one. I wonder why?

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